Why can’t they all just get along

Posted on: November 15, 2013

Fans are all picking sides regarding the ABC/PP situation.
What we can probably all agree on is the fact that neither side
is coming out looking great and both risk further damage to their brand and fan-base.
This endangers their other projects so their best course of action is to work this out so we can all move on.
Dragging this out in court and slinging mud isn’t putting casts and crews to work nor is it showing that it truly appreciates devoted fans.

So, we are going to send emails that will go to both sides in hopes that it will
cause both sides to pause and consider what this is truly doing and that it’d be better to just come to a resolution.
We aren’t stating what that looks like, only that they should to come up with one.

Here is the mass email list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



4 Responses to "Why can’t they all just get along"

I would have no idea what to say to ether side except please bring AMC back. After reading the suit, abc is much worse than I thought. What can I ask them to so.. Pay pp so they can afford to bring the shows back .? They are not gonna do that. Get rid of the 3 stars, pp wants them? They are not gonna do that. What can I say to pp? End the suit and bring back AMC OLTL ? They are going to say they don’t have the money. I wrote abc when I read they are considering bringing back the soaps. I wrote pp saying I am and will continue to be a loyal viewer if you bring them back. But I don’t see what to write considering getting along.

I’m not telling you to give them specific details just tell them you’re a fan, how many years you been watching, that you followed them from tv2 online you just want your shows back you want them to come to an amicable resolution quickly there are many lives that depend on these actors working something to that effect

Myra, I am not posting your comments, please take your negativity elsewhere! I do know where you have been hiding but soap fans do have a voice, this page has accomplished a lot in our fight to save our shows!! So say what you want but we know WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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