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Posted on: November 13, 2013

Let’s take a moment and discuss the posts that Soaps In Depth
has been making on Twitter surrounding the “rumor” that ABC is interested in AMC and OLTL.

First, this page does not deal in rumors. We deal in inside information.
Let’s not forget that it was this group tasking to Hulu because we had inside info
that said that they were considering airing the shows.
Not only was that true but this group got inside information that Hulu was a go before it was publicly released.
It is the same resources that are giving us information regarding ABC’s interest in AMC and OLTL.

It is also important to note that Richard Simms, Executive Editor for Soaps In Depth went on radio shows after ABC initially cancelled the shows and criticized fans for thinking that someone was going to go after the rights.
We now know that Prospect Park had already expressed interest in the shows by that point (as did Paos Revolution as an added piece). So, Richard was wrong there. He’s not 100% correct all the time.

It is up to you to decide what you believe and how you proceed based on that.
I was hearing that ABC was interested before Debbi came out to say that PP had contacted her lawyer and it was cancelled.
John Larsen posted his intel last night. FGM has confirmed this information with two additional sources.
There seems to be too much smoke to not have a fire going here. We will continue to create tasks and hope you will join us!

Today we are  leaving messages via ABC’s contact form.
For the Show field for choose “The Chew” and for the subject choose “I have a problem with this show.”
Your message should be that you would love to see AMC/OLTL in the Chew’s time slot and that you would eagerly start tuning in!

Additionally we have a few easy tweets for those of you who have Twitter.


Did you miss the contact list we were targeting earlier this week or want to do another round?

And in case you are like me and want to send a LETTER,
you can do so at:

(To: Bob Iger and/or Anne Sweeney/Victoria Dummer)
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA


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