Countering rumors with a dose of reality

Posted on: November 4, 2013

I have received many messages regarding the Celebrity Dirty Laundry article stating that according to the Globe AMC and OLTL are cancelled!

I know there are many unanswered questions, and that the silence is deafening but we cannot continue buying into the rumors that they are cancelled
just because we are not hearing anything. I know it is maddening to feel like you do not know anything, but we do know this much – PP set out to get both shows up and running again, and at a pace that nearly mirrored ABC…shorter shows, but 4 shows per week, for a majority of weeks per year.

If they’ve encountered problems, who is to blame? Fans who have supported certainly wouldn’t want the blame placed on fans.
And it wouldn’t be fair to do so. In turn, PP isn’t making ‘evil’ decisions to hurt or punish fans.
Realities are realities. The shows cost a lot of money to produce, and PP has already overextended itself, in our opinion and in the opinion of experts.
Yet we know they’re still trying to secure additional funding, to gamble more and overextended themselves even further, in order to continue.
Then there’s the lawsuit, and all of those issues.

All we know is, while some on shows are also concerned, enough remain hopeful and some seem down right adamant in their conviction that the shows will proceed once a number of issues are ironed out.
This is what happened last time, when the launch was postponed, and even after they’d announced they were ceasing efforts to launch.
They went on working behind-the-scenes, doing what was necessary to get things off the ground.
I think we can assume they’re still committed to working out a solution, and one that will yield the best results in terms of future success.

What we can do now, Stay supportive and stop poring over/recirculating every rumor and as mother always said “If you have nothing nice to say”……


4 Responses to "Countering rumors with a dose of reality"

I am glad to here that there is still hope for our soaps. Things have been so quiet lately I have been wondering if they will ever come back. Maybe it would help to keep the shows in the public eye in a positive light. I don’t understand why Corbin Blue has not even mentioned OLTL while he is dancing on DWTS. I would gladly support any positive fan activity to keep things going. I miss them terribly.

Because he is not allowed! He has mentioned it in several interviews, blog posts etc 🙂 Stay tuned, if they make it in the PCA’s we will need to get everyone to vote for them 🙂

What are PCAs?

Peoples choice awards, but they didn’t make it 😦

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