This is a daily task

Posted on: October 11, 2013

Ok guys let’s play a game, what do all these names have in common?? Lindsay Hartley, Darnell Willliams, Jason Pendergraft, (Dr.) Martin Harvey,(Uri) Alfredo Diaz,(Vlad) Leif Riddell,(the shadow guy) Jordi Vilasuso, Alicia Minshew, Cheryl Hulteen (Winnifred), Eileen Herlie, (Myrtle), Michael E. Knight, Josh Kelly, Hillary B. Smith, Shenaz Treasury,
Paolo Seganti (Arturo) & Jenni ‘Jwoww’ Farley,
These are the only actors from AMC and OLTL that are in the green on the IMDB pages. This is not right! We need all of them in the green! It only takes about 20 minutes to click on ALL of the names in our task so please do this daily! thank you


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Please Help !!!!

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I go to the link you have… and I can click on each actor’s name and it will take me to IMDB and on the right side a little ways down, I can click on “like”. I can do this for all the actors listed but I don’t understand what else I’m supposed to do. What other chores should I do other than just liking each actor????

I was one of the many people who wrote, emailed and called ABC, R Iger, Anne Sweeney, Disney, and board members at ABC. I was thrilled when PP brought the soaps to Hulu, and I’m willing to try to follow your instructions to help get them back. I just don’t know the next step. I also boycotted ABC for over a year (missing some of my favorite shows like DWTS) and tried to get others from facebook to do the same!!

Thanks, Diane Kulik

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 04:06:54 +0000 To:

Since you liked each of the actors IMDB pages the only thing you do is click on their names daily, that helps to bring their star ratings up 🙂 thanks for helping!

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