Raising our voices again!

Posted on: September 29, 2013

Since today is a DWTS day I would like for EVERYONE to flood Paul Lees inbox!
Last week only 35 of you hit the task, numbers that small aren’t going to have
the desired effect we are hoping for. It only takes a minute to write and send and email
so come on, whether you are an OLTL fan or not, getting ABC to allow an OLTL
shout out will only help grow both shows!!

Here are some points to use in your email

Also be sure to vote at 8, I will be away from the computer at that time so I am
not sure I will be able to post a reminder.  Please make sure to post positive OLTL related comments
for him on his wall, and support because of him being on OLTL on the DWTS page, links are

Our friend John tweeted out love, support and a plea for good news, it has been re-tweeted 115x so far,
let’s all re-tweet it as well and help that number grow 🙂

Make sure to hit the AMC and OLTL actors’ IMDB pages!!

Now, enjoy!
AMC epi.# 19

OLTL epi.#22


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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

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