Let’s raise some star ratings and show some support AMC

Posted on: September 24, 2013

We all know that there aren’t any new episodes of AMC or OLTL
available to watch right now which means that there is very
little buzz going on that helps to attract advertisers/networks/etc.

We can help this situation.
Daily we need to click on the IMDB links for the revived version of AMC and OLTL and the current cast.
By doing this we increase their ratings which make them more attractive to entities that could be beneficial to the shows.
It is important to do ALL the links daily so that the entire ensembles appear attractive and not just a few token actors.
I have made it as easy for you as possible, simply click ALL the names below. If you haven’t liked EACH of them please do that as well.
I have also included the link to the OLTL actors below.

Now before we start, there has been a lot of flack towards Corbin Bleu and his not mentioning OLTL on DWTS,
I posted his first blog for Access Hollywood in which he mentions OLTL and now here is a video from them
as well where he gives his OLTL fans a shout out!! Please comment your support for him because of your love for OLTL
on this video. Thanks 🙂 2m 40something seconds in 🙂

All My Children


Julia Barr   Brooke English

Ryan Bittle  Jr. Chandler

David Canary  Adam Chandler

Daniel Covin  Hunter Morrison

Lindsay Hartley  Cara Castillo

Vincent Irizarry  David Hayward

Francesca James  Evelyn Johnson

Thorsten Kaye  Zack Slater

Jill Larson   Opal Cortlandt

Ray MacDonnell  Joe Martin

Cady McClain  Dixey Martin

Debbi Morgan  Angie Hubbard

Eric Nelsen  A.J. Chandler

Jordan Lane Price  Celia Fitzgerald

Eden Riegel  Bianca Montgomery

Heather Roop  Jane McIntyre

Sal Stowers  Cassandra Hubbard

Denyse Tontz Miranda Montgomery

Jordi Vilasuso  Griffin Castillo

Darnell Williams   Jesse Hubbard

Robert Scott Wilson  Petey Cortlandt

Paula Garcés  Lea Marquez

Brooke Newton  Colby Chandler

Michael Nader Demitri Merick

Matthew Cowles Billy Clyde Tuggle

Jason Pendergraft  Carter Anders

Stevie Steel  Heather Kent

Martin Harvey  Uri Koslov

Alfredo Diaz   Vlad

Leif Riddell  (shadow man)

Alicia Minshew  


OLTL’s IMDB pages
please hit these too 🙂

AMC epi.#16

OLTL epi.#18


2 Responses to "Let’s raise some star ratings and show some support AMC"

I did the IMDB task for AMC. You omitted one very important actor from the list! Michael E. Knight! Tad was in the season finale and he said he was on his way home! Let’s show him some love.

Liz, I did not include MEK in this because he is not among the cast listed with the new AMC IMBD page.
We do this to bring attention to the new AMC, but I will add him as soon as he is listed 🙂

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

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