AMC epi #4, OLTL epi. #7 and a task or two

Posted on: September 6, 2013

Good morning guys, below you will find today’s episodes of AMC & OLTL
as well as a few easy tasks helping to fight the negative and asking for
a speedy resolution to the lawsuit. I had many people asking about the
lawsuit, wanting more information about it, or just an explanation.
For those that want to read the lawsuit you can read it here

For those that basically just want to understand I found this great post that tells thru a great analogy

We are going to continue calling the GH comment line,
Regardless of your personal opinion on the PP/ABC lawsuit the one thing we should all agree on is that a resolution is needed and needed fast.
Without a resolution we have a cast not making a living, we have 3 former OLTL actors over on GH whose jobs could be in jeopardy,
and we could have a situation where ABC pushes the OLTL 3 to the front of every storyline to make a point which would
push the rest of the GH cast to the background.
A lot of potentially bad scenarios.
So today we are calling GH’s comment line.
This line is listened to by interns and documented.
Reports of trending call topics are giving to the execs.

So regardless of your stance we need your voice.
We need to urge ABC to resolve this dispute with PP quickly and amicably.
If you have a particular opinion please feel free to share it.
The more we can show ABC that the fans are aware of the situation and that we want it resolved , the better.

Please call 323-671-4583 and leave your message.


We also need to continue to combat the negative comments with positive comments. remember I am not asking you
to take on the negative nellie’s comments just post supportive, positive ones 🙂


Now relax and enjoy today’s AMC and OLTL (dvr and watch on OWN too!!)

AMC epi. #4

OLTL epi. #7

Have a great Weekend!!


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