Be positive, supportive and thankful

Posted on: June 17, 2013

We have been watching all of the comments regarding the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards and have a few things we need to share and make sure that a few things are understood:
First, HLN was gracious enough to air the Daytime Emmy’s for the second year in a row. They are not the producers of the event. Red Touch Media was the group that partnered with National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to put on the Daytime Emmy’s. All the bashing on HLN for the show is just going to get them to think twice before airing the show next year. We have read many comments saying to have this person or that person host, do it at this location, air it on this network, etc. The reason that it is where it is, done the way it is, aired where it’s aired, etc is due to budgets for this show. The show can’t afford what you are wanting. This doesn’t mean that we should diss it so much that the actors and crew don’t get a night that they so deserve.
So, if we want the budget to be bigger and for this to be an awesome event what can we do? Stop being nasty, unappreciative fans. Let us tell you- investors, producers, etc watch soap fans on social media. We keep hurting ourselves. We get something and we immediately find fault. Let’s review- we fought, begged, and pleaded for someone to “save our soaps.” Prospect Park did and what have they gotten for that effort? A lot of nasty and ungrateful comments. You say you wish it had been picked up by another network…well where were they? Not standing in line with PP going after the rights. Nope. There wasn’t some long line fighting for them. PP was there when nobody else was. Actually, Paos Revolution was behind them but PP had already gotten the rights. Not that fans have been exactly showing Paos full fan support. We look at the number of people that have liked this page and compare that to Paos Revolution’s and it is appalling. People attacked Paos for wanting to do a reality show that focused on soap actors saying that soap fans don’t want reality shows. Ummm- what would you call the Daytime Emmy’s? Don’t you think that the people who would be able to help increase funding and options for the Emmy’s and even AMC and OLTL are watching how we the fans treat PP and Paos? They are and it doesn’t help the situation at all. Paos even keeps trying to subtly help point fans in the right direction with their, “One Family, One Goal, Stay Together” motto. They are really trying to stress the importance of soap fans showing a united, positive front. We need to be showing Paos a lot of love and support. Trust us- people are watching. We want this genre that we’ve fought so hard for to continue on for many years to come.
For those of you who have continued to focus on the positive we thank you. For those of you who do not watch award shows no matter how awesome they are we understand. This post is directed to those that are continually finding the things that they don’t like. It is time to look at the glass half full and to think 10 steps down the road. You can’t be a total jerk to someone and then the next day ask for a really huge favor. Basically, by complaining so loudly and not hardly uttering a word for the things you do like and are appreciative of you are doing just that. So, let’s start being positive.
Today we thank HLN for doing what they agreed to do- air the Daytime Emmy’s.
When the show went 30 minutes over they stayed with it.
We the fans didn’t have to miss out.
Let us show HLN how appreciative soap fans can be.
Please send them messages of thanks here
feedback form for HLN:
You can also send this easy tweet:
Don’t forget to watch OLTL today!! And if you missed AMC yesterday make sure to watch that too!!
Also remember if you are in the NY area Ilene Kristen’s will be performing at the
Brooklyn Community Pride center at The Cutting Room on 32nd St for Pride Rocks!
Great music, big fun, for a great cause!

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Done!! Sent off an email of thanks, to HLN… for a job well done!

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