A Little fun and some words from Jeff & Rich

Posted on: June 2, 2013

Good Monday morning!! Don’t forget to watch All My Children today!
And if you missed Friday’s More AMC/OLTL make sure to watch that too!
Below is a link to the show, getglue walk thru, twitter walk thru etc.

Ever wonder what would  a soap involving yourself would be like?
Well wonder no more, HLN who will be hosting the Daytime Emmy’s again this year put this fun little
thing together for soap fans so let’s all check it out 🙂 Make sure to share your soap name
on the page too, mine was Ester Easton LOL
Warning if you just want to complain and bash on PP/shows/actors please take it to one of the other pages where that is what they do,
we here are PRO PP and our shows! Our members who have been here fighting for our shows greatly appreciate a positive place to go.
And that is what I intend to keep the page. Thank you for your understanding 🙂
Canadians just figuring out the shows are no longer on FX please see post from Thursday there is an email for you to send your heartfelt messages.

Now, Soap Opera Digest printed a more detailed interview with Jeff from PP on why the decision was made to cut the weekly episodes of AMC & OLTL to 2.
and one from Rich Frank, they are posted below respectively. (TY to Shawn who posted this on SFU)

“I think that with the daytime shows, traditionally it was easier to miss a couple of episodes and just pick it up. I think one of the reasons people are loving the shows is because of the way the stories move. I think people are excited about that, and so when someone watches our first three episodes and then misses episode four and five, they feel lost in episode six. Rather than be repetitive and figure out how to make them not feel lost, we want them to be able to go back and watch four and five…..”

“This is a positive move. The more people we can get to watch the shows, the better. I didn’t want to start dumbing down the shows or start making the episodes not as good.”

Kwatinetz received feedback that the sheer amount of episodes was off-putting and overwhelming to fans trying to keep up with the shows:

“Believe me, my friends are telling me, ‘Dude, it’s hard to keep up.’ We want people to want to watch. There are people who are just hearing about the shows. What happens to the viewer on June 1 who goes online because they’re hearing the shows are good and they’re seeing that there are 30 episodes of each show? What are the odds that person will say, ‘Oh, I’m willing to watch 30 episodes.’ We started to see very clearly that people were going to be daunted by that. We want people to feel that the shows are accessible, which is the kind of the whole point why we’re doing this online to begin with.”

Kwatinetz realizes there are advantages to producing less shows such as a streamlined schedule and more anticipated demand. But Kwatinetz assures that’s not the main reason for the cutbacks:

“We can market them better, it helps us in post [production], it helps us in writing. There are obviously a lot of advantages in terms of quality and marketing. But we probably would have just figured those things out if we had to, if people were keeping up.”

Why is Hulu keeping the entire season of both shows available for free?? Kwatinetz responds:

“Every day, tens of thousands of people start with episodes one and two and we were looking at it like, ‘We want those people to keep doing it.’ That’s why Hulu said to us they wanted to keep the episodes up. They usually have five episodes up of shows and we got them to agree to double it to 10. They’re looking at it like, ‘We can’t take these episodes down. All of these people are just getting into it.’ So they were reading the data the same way.”


A few noteworthy quotes From Rich Frank:

“The biggest surprise to me is how good the acting is. I look at them and go, ‘I would cast most of these people in any prime-time show I would do now.’ They are terrific.”

“We want to stay true to what we are doing. Agnes Nixon was the first one who addressed AIDS, interracial marriage. She was right on the cutting edge and a lot of that stopped in recent years. We want to push that a little more.

We think there are many things that are in the need and on people’s minds that can be explored in a dramatic fashion without us taking sides, but presenting sides through the characters in the right way.”

“We wanted the story telling to be quicker and wanted to see more people in each scene. We didn’t want to see two talking heads just talking and then cutting to two other talking heads and the cutting back.

What we see a lot of on the soaps now is they shoot a long scene and they cut it up into three different pieces and they intercut it back & forth. We are not interested in that kind of storytelling.”

Now if it is after 5am, go watch AMC and if it is before and you haven’t, go watch More AMC/OLTL!!

monday smile


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Thank you for asking the complainers to vent somewhere else.
I don’t undetstand them.

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
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