It’s MORE than you think!

Posted on: May 23, 2013

Ok I have to post a little early tonight, got to get up early!!
Hope you all have a great weekend but before you go,
Don’t forget to watch MoreAMC/OLTL today guys!! (of course it isn’t out til 5 but you know what I mean LOL)
Ok- before you all groan and start posting how much you don’t like it take a deep breath and keep reading.
For those of you who enjoy it and have said positive things about the show- that’s awesome, keep watching and enjoying.

For everyone else- I get it. You’d rather have an extra episode of AMC or OLTL on Friday than the “More” show.
Here’s the thing, this “More” show costs a fraction of what an episode of AMC or OLTL costs to produce.
And yet they have the opportunity to pull in the same advertising revenue.
This cost savings allows them to keep producing our shows.

Eventually the goal is to have such a strong fan-base that they won’t need these shows
but until then we need to be supportive by letting this Friday show at least just play on our computers/devices to help them with their numbers.

Now that doesn’t mean that you need to be silent.
We can definitely let PP know that this Friday show isn’t appealing but we need to give constructive criticism.
And again, you can’t go asking for an episode of AMC or OLTL instead.
That would be like going to McDonalds and wanting Filet Mignon to be a menu option.
It’s not and telling McDonalds that you want it instead of a Big Mac but for the same Big Mac price isn’t going to get you anywhere.

What you can complain to PP about are things like:
• I don’t feel that the host is a fan of the genre.
• I don’t like that Friday’s show is done as a talk show- soap fans are aware that talk shows took over our shows time-slots.
• I am not seeing the actors I want to see. I’d like an episode featuring____.
• I do not like that the show is done on set as it breaks the illusion that Pine Valley and Llanview are real places.
• I don’t like the concept of the “More” show and would rather a show like Paos Revolution’s PERFECT DAY
that would give me a story and not just an interview.

So get ready to send some emails! Send them to &
And while you’re emailing feel free to let today’s “More” show play in the background with the volume off!

And hey If you get the chance, make copies of this flyer and pass them out around your communities. At Libraries, Laundromats, Colleges, Grocery, Dr. etc! you may even copy it and share it in an email to all your contacts and ask them to share it too!!!

new flyer


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Where can. I watch More AMC/OLTL?

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