Let’s try it this way

Posted on: May 22, 2013

You may have heard the saying, “It’s cheaper and quicker to keep a customer than it is to find a new one.”
This saying can easily be used to explain our take on Prospect Park and their need for more viewers for AMC and OLTL.
These shows combined cost around $40 million for one year.
It takes a lot of viewers to cover that cost and make this a profitable endeavor for PP.
We all know that there are a lot of fans out there that still don’t realize the shows are back and/or are clueless as to how to view them.
We as fans do need to help find these fans but that will take time and some considerable effort.

But we would all like an increase in the number of episodes we see each week and don’t really want to wait for a long time to make that a possibility.
This is where making sure fans are “viewing” both AMC and OLTL comes into play.
The data PP has is showing that the majority of the viewers are watching one or the other.
This creates an easy opportunity to quickly increase those viewership numbers IF each fan was doing their part.
We know that some fans are not interested in watching the “other show” and only are interested in AMC or OLTL.
That is fine but what we need is every fan that is watching on Hulu to let the other show play out to be counted.
Really there is no valid excuse to not do this.
Watch the show you want and then once done start the other show and walk away for 30 minutes.
That’s it. Nobody is asking you to become a fan.
We just need to stand together so that we keep these shows alive and give them a chance to grow.

Think about your fellow soap savers.
Together we sent emails, letters, faxes, made phone calls, etc.
We did it united to bring back both shows. We got them back.
They are in a deal where financially they are tied to each other.
This means we all need to stay united to keep our shows going.

If you watch via iTunes we understand that you aren’t going to buy a show you are not interested in.
But for those of you who utilize Hulu please help the genre, help your fellow fans,
and help the 200+ people who now have jobs because of these shows continue on.
If most fans stand selfish and only do for themselves then we will have nobody else to blame if the shows get cancelled.
When ABC pulled the plug on the shows the fans didn’t have any ability to impact that decision.
Right now the fans control quite a bit of their destiny.
If we rally and watch both shows and help get the word out to other fans then we will have our shows living on for the foreseeable future.
We kept telling ABC, Prospect Park, the media, advertisers, etc that these shows had a huge fanbase.
Now is our time to prove that true.

So if you have NOT been watching both shows please go pull up the one you don’t watch on Hulu and start letting those episodes play.
Turn off your speakers and do something else but you can go about your day knowing that you are truly doing all you can do.

Thank you.



18 Responses to "Let’s try it this way"

Will do! What ever it takes, to keep AMC on the air!

I fully support Prospect Park & greatly appreciate that brought AMc & OLTL back on!!!

I stand by PP,TOLN,Hulu Plus and the actors.

Thank you for supporting them both!

That is exactly what I said on the post boards, when they cut back to 2 shows a week just let whatever show you don’t watch play or if you binge view let them both play during the week, I got no responses to that so I hope this works


I am with you Robin. Of course I was one of those people who watched both when on ABC. And then ended with GH. I taped and watched later. Now I watch all three on HULU. I still think ultimately there will be the most fans if they switch to Lifetime Network. So many people are confused or just don’t have computers to watch on, or do not understand the HULU free option. Come on guys, let’s keep them on the air! Prospect Park is doing a great job with the production value and casting so I don’t want this to fail.

This is what I was doing from the start!

I watch both too. Will it help if we watched them more than one time?

I watch both – however it may not be at the same time each day. I think the biggest problem here is the fans who do not have internet access – they may be lost forever. We may not be able to get all fans back because they just don’t have access to watch the shows.

if the ones watching now would either watch both or let the one they dont watch play we would get a ton of viewers for both shows, that would be great!!
then we can work on getting new and old viewers 🙂

I don’t get Hulu or Prospect Park but do watch AMC daily with thanks on FX Canada. I love All My Kids and vote to keep them going no matter how they come to me. Thanks

Have you not tried to watch this week? FX CA dropped the shows. PP made sure that iTunes CA was able to carry them. In time they are able to go to cable and hopefully one of your stations has a sister station here in the states that will allow you to watch again.

I have been an AMC fan since 1977. I watched OLTL a little over the years, but no my favorite. I started watching AMC on HULU Plus and started playing OLTL to help the ratings. I am now watching and enjoying BOTH shows. The every other day format makes it easy to fit in my schedule, and I am remembering more of OLTL. In true soap form, they died and came back. I just hope they stay. I am telling anyone who wil listen.

A true fan, I thank you!! 🙂

I watch both shows … as I always did before since their beginnings … because I am a true fan. I am grateful to PP for bringing them back, it’s like seeing old friends again and I love every single minute. The biggest mistake that PP made was their stand on the characters of John, Todd and Starr … they pissed off a lot of their prospective viewers who now won’t watch OLTL & AMC at all …. much like the boycott that destroyed the ratings of ABC daytime. We soap fans are an unforgiving bunch. We want John, Todd and Starr on GH … but because of PP’s decision, these epic characters are lost to us completely.

Debi, it is not PP’s fault abc refused to cooperate regarding those characters. They tried sharing them with abc and abc refused. And I think any fan who is boycotting AMC and OLTL because of abc never was a fan to start with. To do this is just ridiculous. It blows my mind that so many people forget it was abc who started all this in the first place by canceling these shows.

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