Here is the plan….

Posted on: May 16, 2013

Members of this page fought hard for our shows for 2 years. Thus it is understandable that having a reduction the weekly schedule is met by sadness and upset. However, just wallowing in our unhappiness or posting/sending PP scathing messages isn’t going to help. So, let’s be productive and also let ourselves be heard. Here’s the plan:
1. Watch BOTH shows. We have said it before but now PP is basically reiterating this need. These shows will either succeed together or die together. If you refuse to get into one of the shows just let it play daily while you go do something else. Remember that these shows gave jobs to 200 people. Regardless of your entertainment preference you can easily help employ 200 people; help them provide for their families.
2. We want you to email Prospect Park but in a positive way. Email them at and and share your personal story:
a. Do you binge watch? Do you not mind watching 5 hours of shows all at once? Let them know!
b. Have you always watched hours and hours of soaps and still committed to doing the same? Let them know!
c. Have you just started watching one of the shows? Let them know that you heard their cry for viewers and that you’re catching up and onboard to make these shows a success.
d. Do you watch with multiple people? Let them know that your view is actually being viewed by many more!
3. Get the word out! Are you doing ALL you can do to let people in your community know that AMC and OLTL are back? We need more viewers. There are many former viewers that are still unaware that the shows are back. Also, you may have family and great friends that even if not a viewer of these shows would help you out by playing these shows on their computer for you.
As you work on these tasks let us remember that PP has NOT said that this new schedule will be forever. What will impact a change is our viewership of the shows and the addition of more viewers who also watch BOTH shows. So let’s go show PP that AMC and OLTL fans are the best and that we will do what is needed for our shows and for the 200 people who now have jobs thanks to the revival.

**I have to add that it is very important to watch the More show as well. And here is why. These episodes do not cost nearly as much as an episode of our shows but the revenue they get from the ads is the same. This is the way that Prospect Park is making the money to continue our shows.
( I do not believe that Prospect Park gets any of the money from Hulu+ they might get a higher ad rate but I have no proof of that at this time.)
Anyway, Spread the word, watch BOTH shows and the More shows and be positive, the quicker we get more viewers the quicker they can go back up in days!

AMC hulu page

OLTL Hulu page

If the words above were not enough to convince you we need positive messages to PP and to support our shows please read what the fabulous Jill Larson had to say

Jill Larson
Personally I think this is a good decision for a couple of reasons.
I think licensing demands required Prospect Park to mount and premier this new network with way too little time to write long term story, to build the infrastructure it takes to produce these shows. When we first arrived, the building was almost bare, PA’s were running around buying hangers for the costume dept, toilet paper for the johns, we had NOTHING, they had to buy pens, chairs to sit on, everything.Everyone has done a Hurculean job, truly unbelievable, the shows look wonderful, I am so very proud to be able to be a part of this daring undertaking. Our producers and writers work until 4:00AM nearly every night, I wondered how long this could continue.

And though this is not the reason for the decision to scale back on the number of episodes posted per week, I think it will provide some real pay-off in the quality of the shows we produce, because great shows, the ones you love to watch, whether All My Children, One Life or MadMen, Downton Abbey, Walking Dead, require time to be created and written with long term thought and care. Taking a break from production will provide the creative team a chance to catch their breath and really bring our shows to a new level of what I hope will be greatness, not just as “daytime”, but as outstanding new programming.

But none of this addresses your disappointment at losing 2 episodes a week. We are all disappointed, of course, but let’s try to be patient, as we would with a child learning to walk. Everyone, every single person, from Jeff and Rich to our caterers and interns is giving their all to make this a success. We must keep up our excitement, keep spreading the word, we have some really fantastic shows in the making right now, some exciting characters coming back on the canvas, there is much to look forward to.

In closing I’ll say that I LOVE chocolate! But I’m hypoglycemic and really shouldn’t eat sugar. So I am very selective, I don’t binge on the cheap stuff, I buy the most expensive, beautiful chocolate I can get, and savor it a little at a time, and Man, do I get pleasure from it! Let’s look at our shows as the best chocolate there is and pace ourselves, it could be an even better ride!

We all love all of you, so let’s just keep on keeping on and have faith that together we have a long happy journey ahead!

now send those emails guys!!!

10 Responses to "Here is the plan…."

I have alway’s enjoyed watching AMC, OLTL, AND still watch GH. I wish they would play them on soap net.(AMC N OLTL). It hurt’s me not to beable to see them due to my cable bill being$86. a month. I really can’t afford to pay more out. Phone with internet is another $68. amonth.Wish hulu was included in the internet bill. If hulu has a free way, please let me know. My husband even enjoyed watching GH but they moved the time and he only get’s to see part of the show. I really do miss OLTL N AMC. Happy to see John,Starr and Todd on Gh. Thank you for taking AMC N OLTL on Hulu.

You have internet? Do you have a computer if so you can watch for free on

I don’t understand how to watch on my mobile, which I’d rather do, but I don’t know how to watch from the computer either. I WANT to watch these shows!!! I was livid with ABC and boycotted that channel for over a year. I still refuse to watch The Chew. Another pointless show no one wants to watch. They talk more than cook and want my soaps back!!! All of them!!!!

Jackie on your mobile device you need Huluplus, there will be an app for it in your app store. On the computer simply click the links to hulu in this task and it will take you right to the shows, I believe that Hulu will have all the episodes that have aired so far so you should be able to catch up, if you have any questions feel free to ask

I’ve been having a hard time watching all the episodes so am glad that they have been cut back. With all the regular shows on TV it’s hard to find the time. Please don’t stop all together.

Thank you for your calming words of wisdom! I tried telling some people this yesterday as the news broke – but people were having a hard time hearing me.

I have “binge viewed” the soaps for quite a long time now. I could not always watch during the evening, so I would catch up with my VCR on the weekends. Same thing when I switched to a DVR and had three or more soaps to watch. I continue to watch the same way online and I will let them know that.

While this is a bit disappointing, I will always be happy to have my soap families back again and will watch in any shape, form, length or size!

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
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