Confused about GetGlue? Here is a walk thru

Posted on: May 9, 2013

Ok, There seems to be some confusion about GetGlue so I am going to try to
clear it up. Feel free to ask questions if you are still confused 🙂

Step 1. go to
you will see this. There are 2 ways to sign up, 1. w/FB & 2. w/email.








pick one of the two ways to sign up.
Once you have signed up it will take you to your home page (which is the feed page)
Where I have placed a 1. is where you will search for the shows you watch.As you see across the top it says Feed, Guide, you and check in.








This is what the guide page looks like when you hit Guide. See on the left side
It has TV Shows, Movies and sports, when you hit each of these it will drop down
with more options. (shows on now, recommended, saved and trending)
If you see a show you like click on it and it will add it to your activity feed
(as shown in the pic above on left side)







Once you have added shows you watch when you hit the check in tab
just start typing the name and it will pop up. Put in a comment and hit post.
The first time you check into a show it will tell you that you can’t be a fan
without liking the show, hit the like button and you will be a fan 🙂

As you keep checking in you will earn different fan rankings, (they come with stickers too)

When you hit the YOU tab it will drop down a list of options,
as seen below.









These are pretty self explanatory with the exception of
limited stickers. The stickers are the reason that
I do get glue. LOL While checking in, sometimes they have
stickers as rewards. Once you reach a certain number
they will send them to you FREE!  Certain shows will give out limited
stickers, you can find those in Limited Sticker tab. Your stickers are just that,
stickers you have earned.

here are an example of the limited stickers







Once we show AMC & OLTL that tons of people are checking in to them
I am sure they will start stickers too, and who wouldnt want AMC/OLTL
stickers? Most of the ones I have gotten so far are from GH, and let me tell
you, they are cool 🙂 LOL I know I am a dork!


2 Responses to "Confused about GetGlue? Here is a walk thru"

I signed into get glue. Is it possible to watch on tv like hulu. With hulu I have to go down to bottom of screen to get to favorites. When I try to get to favorites it stops at most watch. So annoying. Watching on computer favorites is at top. Thanks for the info. Gina

get glue is just a place to say “hey I am watching” and for some of the other shows you may watch give stickers which are kind of cool 🙂

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