Gather round AMC & OLTL FANS

Posted on: May 4, 2013

Ok AMC and OLTL soap fans I need you to all gather round. I have seen a lot of happiness and excitement out on social media this week but I’ve also seen a lot of negativity. It is critical that we get that in check. Let’s review a few key things:

1. We begged and pleaded for AMC and OLTL to not just be shelved forever. We won this battle and should be proud.
2. The fact that these shows were brought back gave 200 people jobs. This is something to think about when you want to complain that you are not thrilled that it’s online or some changes were made.
3. Some changes made were not just Prospect Park’s decision. Some changes are based on what ABC would and would not allow. So nasty messages to Prospect Park who is trying to make soap fans happy is just wrong.
4. These shows will either survive together or die together. These shows are only cost effective if both are doing well. Thus every fan needs to be “watching” both AMC and OLTL. I personally challenge you to watch both for 28 days and see how you feel about them then. If you really refuse to watch one please let it play on your computer or mobile device. Not “watching” could cost you to lose the show you do want to view.
5. Actors/characters will continue to be brought back. Funding wise and time wise they couldn’t bring everyone back at once and not all actors were free either. Give this time and don’t expect perfection out the gate.
6. Lots of complaints on the length of time of the shows, that there are “More” shows on Friday instead of an episode, etc. Please keep in mind that these shows are EXTREMELY expensive. In order to get them launched they could budget four 30 minute shows a week. This enabled the casts of the 2 shows to work alternating schedules, share a crew, etc. This could definitely change in the future if BOTH shows are just doing fabulous ratings wise. So really, this is on every fan’s shoulders. Are you watching both? Are you getting friends and family to watch both?
7. Once again watching on Hulu from your computer is free. If you are using a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc) then you must use Hulu Plus. Trying to find a way to watch for free? Think outside the box- can you stay after at work to watch on your own time? Go to the library? A friend’s house? Bottom line though- Prospect Park needed Hulu in order to fund these shows. Criticizing them because it doesn’t meet your personal preference or needs is selfish. Again- 200 people have jobs because of these. Time to think bigger picture.

With all that said, let’s focus on the positive- embrace and discuss what you do love and leave the negativity behind. Anyone can find a negative in anything. A true fan can celebrate and promote the positives. So let’s go fans- start promoting!


7 Responses to "Gather round AMC & OLTL FANS"

We can’t complain…when they were on tv and you dvr or vcr them after fast forwarding commercials you only had 40 min of show now we are only losing 10 min ….and actors always changed on us on tv too….so soon people forget…

This is a very good point Virginia…. If I have to sacrifice 10 minutes to have my shows then so be it 🙂

As pointed out by my good friend John, the current ‘half-hour’ episodes of AMC and OLTL often run just 7 minutes shy of what they produced for an hour (with commercials) on ABC, and are on-average 7 minutes longer than what a half-hour show (such as BOLD & BEAUTIFUL) would produce, you get roughly 18 or 19 minutes after commercials are taken off. So what you’re getting each week are 2 shows that produce roughly enough material to fill out what would be 6 half-hour episodes per show with commercials on network. you got to love that!!!

Everyone needs to trust Kymba. She knows what is going on. I have followed things closlty myself. If we watch the shows (like Kymba said if your not into one of them just let it stream when your busy doing something else). Most of the favorites actors on AMC do plan to come back once there schedules are free and/or the show proves success because in case you didn’t know it, ABC treated the actors really badly in the last few years. They are hearing how great Prospect Park is treating the one who did return. Now, it is all up to us to tune in and be patient. We waited this long and now we have them back. A show needs to prove itself to be funded to do it right. If the audience builds so will ad prices and ability to go to cable, longer episodes with more actors from the past. There is a bright future ahead if everyone listens to Kymba and support Prospect Park.

Things like this take time… we just have to be patient. So far, I’m lovin’ what I’m seein’! We WILL get used to the new characters in time, and so great to see so many old characters back! Hopefully in time, even more will come back. Keep up the good work! 🙂

i have no complaints! i wanted my shows back, i got my shows back, and they are terrific!! loving the new actors who fit in like they’ve been with the show since birth (and isn’t that what we want from the ‘children)… i am so grateful for everyone’s hard work… and look forward daily to each new episode!!!!

I agree 100% fans or non-fans… lets do all we can to keep our show(s) on that we thought were lost forever… we can’t even purchase dvd’s of the old shows so isn’t it all worth the new fresh changes? I THINK SO! Thanks to everyone making our shows possible and lets look for the positive such as Pine Valley isn’t old and stale but rather FRESH and NEW … YIPPPPPEEEEEE

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