AMC and OLTL fans I need your help!!!

Posted on: May 4, 2013

Ok folks- we just got our shows back and we have an editor criticizing them and basically telling potential new viewers to not try the shows. This article will make your blood boil!!!
First, both shows have purposely been secretive- it’s not just newbies questioning, it’s all fans and that’s half the fun! Fans can talk and try to figure things out. Have you just started watching one of the shows for the first time or after a long break? Let him know! He calls the acting bad- let’s let him know that we love our actors and the fact that they can do 100 pages of script a day is commendable and not something you’d see in prime time nor movies. Please read the article, get fired up, and begin emailing!
Can’t get a direct email to him but this goes to him!!
UPDATE!! we must be getting thru to them or something, when I posted this, the link  went
directly to HIS contact page, they have now made it go to the regular feedback form. So here
is what you have to do. when you click on the article above scroll down and find the By:Neil Genzlinger
click on his name and it will take you to his profile page, at the bottom there is a place that says email Neil Genzlinger
click that and it will take you to the form I had posted LOL. Keep it up guys, remember to be respectful 🙂


12 Responses to "AMC and OLTL fans I need your help!!!"

I say IGNORE him. Do not give CREDANCE to his words.,

I simply cannot do that, that paper reaches MILLIONS of potential viewers, that who after reading this could simply not tune in. People should not write about things that they have no idea about. I understand people have the right to their opinions but dang it WE have worked to hard to let people try and crush it right out of the gate. There are so many negative people out there posting we have to put positivity out there too. If we all write him he may print a retraction, (they have done it before) who knows. It only takes a moment to do so I am hoping people will tell him!

I replied alright and it made me angry!! –> WOW, you know nothing about these shows as we can tell and there are thousands upon thousands of us that are thrilled that our shows are back on the air. Please do tell where the message boards are that you are referring to?
Slamming the older couples on OLTL and AMC – actors that have played some of these roles since the 70s, roles they loved and were and are happy to return to.

If only you knew them like I did, my mother and grandmother before me…. What a shame. Give them a chance – when you don’t know the character you learn to know them – that is how we all became hooked in the first place. I was just 14 years old when my “movie that never ends” began for me for 3 shows on ABC and after 40 years Disney/ABC canceled 2 of them for which I most likely will never forgive. BTW – my age is 49 forever and I am so happy to have the old and the new back in my life.

Is this what you sent out are you asking that I send this.if it is the latter I can’t do that only you can send your email. If you need help as to how let me know

Why review soap operas that you so obviously know NOTHING about??Your article was an insult to the millions of fans who fought for two years to get these soaps back and to the actors who work so hard to produce them. These actors that we love so much have to memorize 100 pages of script PER DAY nothing like what you see in prime time or movies where 2-3 pages a day is the norm.I have been a loyal viewer of all my children and one life to live two wonderful shows since they hit the airwaves in 1968 and 1971 respectively. I plan on remaining a loyal viewer of these shows but i WILL NOT read the new york times again. Being a native New Yorker i have other choices in newspapers that have kinder words to say about two iconic soaps then your paper does

jwteddy, PLEASE, hit the last link in the post, it will take you to his email comment form. I love you letter and want him to see it, and he can’t see it here. Thank you:)

DONE and i am glad to do so!!!

I sent him a very polite email, telling him he missed the boat! what a douche!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to the sight, and left my comments!! I, for one, have never paid any attention to the critics….I sometimes wonder if we’ve ever read the same book, watched the same movie or TV show. I sometimes think, it’s their ‘job’ to be as mean as they can be.

I love the fact AMC and OLTL is back!! I did send him a e-mail.

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