A thank you from Me to you!

Posted on: May 3, 2013

I do not usually just blog on here,
It has been more like a place to rally the fans and to get help
in getting the word out that our soaps had been cancelled and we needed to fight for them!

For all the people, from cast to crew who had lost their jobs, to the fans who counted on these
shows to escape the everyday reality that is our lives.
But since I have just finished watching this weeks  AMC and OLTL and mixed with the emotions I felt
when in a blog talk radio show, Jill Larson announced that the reason that Hulu got on board
was because of the overwhelming demand fans showed on their discussion board,
(she said survey, this WAS their survey) and that the investors coming forward to
fund the shows was a direct result of this, I am feeling a little emotional and am making an exception!!

If you have been here/or on Facebook/twitter since nearly the beginning you will remember
that we tasked to Hulu very early on,  before Prospect Park was ever mentioned,
and again in June 2012.
As many of you know we had a hard time getting other groups to help in our tasks,
It seemed at every point we had those who were trying to stop us,
and this is the reason that at the end of May, after getting a tip I had my daughter start that thread on Hulu.
Then on June 2nd I put it out in a task, but still we had a very hard time getting others on board but ,
with the help of a few great friends (you know who you are and I love ya!!)
we managed to get them into a few groups and even few closed groups.
And as they say the rest is history!!
I am in no way trying to diminish the works of other groups and the things they did to aid in this fight so please don’t take this as such,
I just want to THANK those that stuck with us even after so many gave up hope after PP suspended publicly trying last November.
Those that believed me when I said we would get these shows back, and those who tasked Hulu with us,
and last but certainly not least, FGM, without whom we would not have had the great contacts we had nor many of the great ideas for tasks! She guided me so I could guide you, she is my right hand, we are a great team! We bounced ideas off one another, and reigned each other in at various times! 🙂 So I Thank you for helping my dreams, and that of  thousands of others come true, as I raise a toast to you,(Dr.Pepper of course)
let’s raise one to FGM as well!!

I Couldn’t have done it without any of you, so I THANK YOU!!


11 Responses to "A thank you from Me to you!"

No thank you Kymba and FGM for guiding us and telling us to do this do that etc… and giving reasons why the 1st day of amc/oltl i was smiling ear to ear i just kept saying to myself theeere baaaaack yay!!!!! we did it all of us did it yay!!!!!

thank you all for the help and especially thank you Kymba and FGM for leading us on the right path. I may not of been able to task daily but I did what I could. Again Thank you!

Thank u. I love One Life To Live , but All My Children hasn’t got enough of the old actors ,

There are plenty of the vets on the show! You realize that the success of BOTH shows is detrimental! If one fails they will BOTH be cancelled! We need everyone to watch both, so I challenge you to watch AMC for 28 days and if you are not hooked by then (btw more vets are coming)
you can just let it play, what do you say?

You have no idea, how thrilled I was , to watch AMC again!! Still wish it were on TV, (bigger screen)… but just happy it’s back!! Was so great to see all my ‘old friends’ again!!

Thank you for never giving up and pushing us to fight to save our soaps.

I have participated in many, many facebook groups that were trying to get AMC & OLTL back. I didn’t know how to get things done, so I followed group leaders and YOU because you told me what to do. It couldn’t have been easier (except boycotting ABC… I missed Dancing with the Stars). You always encouraged us and gave us tweet addresses, emails and phone numbers. It was easy to email Robert Iger at ABC and those under him when the addresses were provided. The same with phone numbers, etc. The past couple of weeks you have encouraged us to tweet our thanks and/or encouragement to Prospect Park, Hulu, the show staff and the stars. It was so easy because you included the Twitter tags. I’m 60 and don’t understand Twitter, but with your twitter addresses included in your emails, I was able to tweet to them.

So… THANK YOU very much. I’m enjoying the shows very much. Of course I wish they were on TV because some folks don’t have a computer or internet service. I also wish they were an hour long each, but I won’t complain but I’m just sooooo glad to have them back.

Diane Kulik P.S. … I’m still mad at ABC over everything including the most recent problems with getting John, Todd & Starr back to OLTL for a couple of weeks for closure.

Date: Fri, 3 May 2013 15:48:35 +0000 To:

I am glad I was able to make it easy for you Diane 🙂 That was my goal! If I didn’t make it as easy as possible people who aren’t as computer literate as some would be left out and I couldn’t let that happen 🙂

I was delighted that you let me help. I was new to FB so I didn’t know what I was doing but with your help & all the other groups that let me in ya’ll taught me a lot. It was a privilege to do the task ya’ll posted. It is wonderful to know I had a little part in bring my beloved OLTL & AMC back. I cried when we lost OLTL & cried again when we got them back. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of history.

🙂 you are very welcome Edna

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

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