Please tell them!!

Posted on: April 18, 2013

Today we are going to be contacting nursing homes/senior centers in our home towns, and surrounding cities if you would.
You can either look them up and find an email for them, call them, or visit them, the choice is yours but we have to do this!!
Many of these places have a common room where they all gather and watch TV, most likely big new tv’s that can hook right up to computer
so there would not even be the issue of getting hulu plus. They have internet in these places, it is just a matter of letting them know and maybe walking someone thru it so these people can have their stories back.

Please don’t let your fear of talking on the phone or people stop you from making the people who supported our stories for so many year very happy.
I went into one of the senior centers close to where I live and told the receptionist about the shows, showed her how to hook up a laptop
to the tv in the great room and pulled up Hulu. She assured me that she would make sure this is done for the residents on the 29th and everyday

I am including the link to our FAQ so you will have the answers to their questions at your fingertips.

11 to go


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