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Posted on: April 16, 2013

Good Morning,
Yesterday Rich Frank of Prospect Park told Soap Opera Digest that a big advertising push will help attract viewers to the relaunches of AMC and OLTL on April 29th (“You’ll see ads in print and on television”) but hopes that fans will help spread the word, as well. “We would hope that all of them would call their friends to make sure they watch them! The way to ensure that this is going to work, because we’re really totally advertiser-supported is, is that we’ve got to get the eyeballs to be watching this. They’ve done it before; it’s just a matter of rallying the troops and getting them to watch. That’s all I could ask them to do at this point. We’re going to try to give them the best we’ve got and if they will support us and tweet and Facebook and use all the social media and everything just to make sure that everybody knows that on the 29th, we’re going to be back, that would be great.”

If you have been here from the beginning you know that we always go above and beyond to support our shows,
that is why we are doing our grassroots campaign. Make sure you are doing the things Rich spoke of above as
well as the things we put out for you to do. Yesterday we started with our local newspapers. If you have not done that
yet please do so. if you are unable to locate it on your own just let me know I will help!

For today we will be locating our local newspapers on Facebook and twitter and letting them know that
the shows are back. please make sure to include the important information as well. (listed below)

Date of return: April 29th, 2013 12:00 PDT
Where can I watch: Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunes
(FX Canada for those of you in Canada)
Links for them are here:
AMC hulu page
OLTL Hulu page
AMC iTunes page
OLTL iTunes page

For those on twitter Hulu now has a twitter account for soap fans, please make sure to follow them!

Also yesterday it was brought to my attention that on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy mentioned OLTL
and it was not taken very well by some fans, here is the clip.
One of the producers of OLTL Jared Kaplan tweeted about it earlier saying
#OLTL got a shout-out on @JimmyKimmelLive! RT if you think #Kimmel
should come to the studio & see what @onelifetolive is really all about.”
So I would like for those that use twitter to retweet him!! He is only at 73 retweets
it needs to be higher!!

Also, I am getting the impression that many of you didn’t do the task which asked you to send Paos and Prospect Park an email requesting that they work together on some blogs focused on AMC and OLTL like they just did on the GH Stone Cates storyline they just did.
Let me explain why this task is so important. Prospect Park is doing a great job informing fans who are on social media about the return of our shows. But- Paos as I’ve heard has a great following of soap fans that are online but not on social media. We need to leverage Paos to get the word out about AMC and OLTL because we need enough viewers watching AMC and OLTL that they don’t suffer a fate like Passions did which was cancelled and then brought back on DirecTV only to be cancelled again. The good news is that we now have 2 new email addresses for Prospect Park which we know they are checking.

Please send emails with all these emails together in the TO field:

Thanks 🙂

12 to go


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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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