See you next time!! and some distressing news!

Posted on: April 12, 2013

Today is OLTL’s last day of filming for this run,
so we will be sending easy tweets telling them
that we loved seeing them again and can’t wait!!

Roger, Kassie and Patrick

Robin, Jerry and Erika

Kelley and Florencia

Hilliary, Bob, and Tuc

Melissa, Josh and Andrew

Laura, Rob and Sean

Shenaz, Nick and Corbin

We will be tasking this weekend!! It was just announced that Michael, Kristen and Roger
will be returning to GH but not as John, Starr or Todd!!!
This is due to ABC being the RATS that they are! I am not exactly sure what went on in
those mediation’s but I would be willing to bet ABC played dirty!
If you were here when we were hitting ABC/D hard you will
remember that we cannot task them hard during the week
or our tasks mysteriously vanish from FB and I get an email
from my Blog site. So we have to do this over the weekend and have it
down before Monday morning so please make sure to check in
tonight at midnight (or whatever time you get online Sat.) and hit what ever avenues we provide!

I do not know about you but personally I am livid over this!!
We know that Roger will be on OLTL for a period of time, but
do not know if he will be back after that. As for Michael
(who previously signed with PP) and Kristen I have not heard
that they have filmed anything so I do not think we will be seeing them
anytime soon. I also have not heard about any recasting news going on
so I do not know what is going to happen with the characters.

If you are as livid over this as I am please feel free to send
tweets to @ABCNetwork and @ABC_Publicity
I don’t want to put words in any-ones mouth with this one,
in my tweet to them I didn’t hold back so it is best you
do your own!!

Call, Call, Call!!!
General Hospital comment line: 323-671-4583
ABC Hotline: 818-460-7477, hit 1, 2, 3 then 464.

you can also comment on GH’s thread announcing them retuning

Remember, come back tomorrow night at midnight!!


5 Responses to "See you next time!! and some distressing news!"

I read that Kristen did not want to go to Prospect Park in 2011 and did not want to return now, and the same about Michael. Is this not true? While i think ABC are rats, if the actors don’t want to relocate or whatever….. I would assume they will have to be replaced. The characters are needed. I hated the way the ended Michael and Starr today. Very stupid.

I have not watched GH for a few days so plz shhhh 🙂 LOL
You are right about Kristen, she did not want to go at the time
of the first signing, but agreed to stop in every once in a while.
Michael was one of the first people signed the first go round!!!!
All Prospect Park asked of them was for 1 week for Starr and 4 for Michael.
Neither would have to relocate with those schedules! Heck, many of the cast
have not relocated in order to do this, they don’t have to. I find it very hard to believe
that either KA or ME would refuse to do the relaunch, I honestly think this is a case
of ABC strong arming actors once again!! They are mad that PP is about to launch 2
shows they wrote off as dead, and are going to look like the greedy dumba$$e$ they are!

Just this past weekend at a Kristen Alderson/Chad Duell was telling fans she WOULD like to appear on oltl parttime and was waiting to hear from them later in regards to making it happen. So as of this weekend: PP apparently hasn’t recast Starr and were holding out hopes they’d still be able to bring her back on a small scale.

My own personal two cents: I could care less if all three were playing jars of Pickle Lila on GH. But if ABC’s move to cast them as new characters also shuts down them being able to also do oltl appearances, ABC (both at the GH, ABCDaytime, and upper levels) needs to get hit HARD with complaints!!!!

They relied on the good will of oltl fans to keep their numbers up since last February. Everyone KNEW the oltl’ers were there for two reasons: (1) to help appease rioting oltl fans after they lost their show and more importantly (2) to keep the characters/stories/public interest alive until oltl could be brought back as its own show. The fight to save it was raging strong and if PP didn’t eventually succeed, someone else would have. Everyone KNEW the day would come when it would be time for them to “go back home”. If ABC/GH felt it was too much work to constantly be coordinating crossover story so everyone’s on the same page in regards to continuity, it’s all well and good if they see this as a better alternative BUT THEY STILL NEED TO HONOR THE ORIGINAL AGREEMENT TO SHARE THE ACTORS AND ALLOW THEM THE ABILITY TO CONTINUE AS THEIR OLTL CHARACTERS.

GH is celebrating its 50 anniversary. They have returning vets out the yazoo. THEY DON’T NEED TO BE ENGAGING IN THIS PETTINESS OVER “VISITORS”. This will make no one happy. OLTL fans will be angry because they kept the actors away from being able to do oltl. GH fans who loved the oltl characters will be pissed because they don’t get to see the characters they loved anymore and since the new characters can’t resemble the former ones, that means the kinds of pairings/relationships they previously had are also off. All GH viewers regardless how they felt about the olrl’ers – love em, hate em or indifferent – have to suffer through three sudden new roles for familiar faces which don’t have any storyline related reasons to all looking SOOOO similar to three people who just left….and no one on the show will be able to really notice! This after having already done a “doppelganger” story with Mcbain/Caleb. The majority of viewers who don’t read soap mags or follow online news will be flat out CONFUSED and aware something’s not right. No one wins with this “solution” so why bother?

I for one boycotted ABC and everything Disney (with the exception of gh) starting April 14, 2011 and I was all set to drop my boycott since I was getting what I wanted when I started it: my show back. But now that ABC is screwing oltl fans a second time, not only am I continuing my boycott but I also will not even watch gh again because of it, We made it a point to make sure GH was the only successful part of its daytime lineup and we can also bring it down. I will be letting them know just that as I contact them this week.

Brian Frons may be gone but there are still the worst kind of rats at ABC daytime. We need to call for the ouster of Vicki Drummer if they don’t allow the actors to also work on oltl anymore.

this is a stupid move. How are they going to explain three old faces attached to brand new characters? I know you need to s uspend some belief in reality when watching soaps but any way they try to do it this is ridiculous. so Starr returns but she is not Starr, will they try to put her back with Michael and we will think that he notices nothing strange? will they bring ME back as Caleb or some long lost twin of John McBain? will we now leart that not only was Todd twins, he was actually triplets? Is anyone in Port Charles going to notice that three people coming into town will have the exact same faces as three people that just left town. will we have to sit through weeks of mistaken identity? Will Nu Not Starr be the daughter of Nu Not Todd? Inquiring minds want to know but I don’t know if I will still stay tuned for the nonsense

They cannot have any relation to the OLTL characters, so it will not be Johns twin nor Todds triplet LOL, that is about all I know LOL
I will be watching Todd on OLTL, that I do know 🙂

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