50 hours of GH for 50 years!

Posted on: March 30, 2013

Hey guys, I just saw on youtube that the channel that I follow for when I miss GH is posting the 50 hours from soapnet!!
So I am going to post them here for all of you without SoapNet!! Make sure to like her videos and maybe leave a comment as appreciation
for her posting them!! 🙂 Feel free to share this post among your GH friends so they can watch them too! 🙂

speaking of GH, Dock, (co-founder of Paos Revolution) who was on set of GH for many years shared with us some stories of his time
with the families of all of the soaps!! Please show your support by going and reading the blog and checking out the trailer for their
show “Perfect Day”, the link is at the bottom of Dock;s blog 🙂 make sure to follow them on FB and twitter too, links on their website

1. 1963-00001
In the very first episode of General Hospital, Angie is distraught about the damage to her face from the accident; Peggy is frustrated when hospital business ruins a night out on the town with her fiancé, Steve Hardy; the tension continues to grow in Jessie and Phil’s marriage.

2. 1981-00209 Luke and Laura prepare for their nuptials

3. 1981-00210
Luke and Laura are finally married – but how long will their happiness last after Elizabeth Taylor’s Helena Cassadine puts a curse on them and Laura’s ex, Scotty, shows up to catch the bouquet?

4. 1993
Just as their raft is headed over the falls, Luke and Laura are saved by a helicopter; Jason and Brenda feel guilty when they realize the truth about Karen.

5. 1994
Luke and Laura tell Lucky he’s going to be a big brother; Steve and Audrey help Miguel get a job at the Outback; Robin and Stone are excited to learn they’re both in Jagger and Karen’s wedding party; Brenda and Sonny flirt at Kelly’s

6. 2006
After awaking from her coma, Laura has an emotional reunion with her family; Ric devises a plan to falsify evidence and frame Sam; Alexis agrees to let Sonny and Carly take care of her kids while she’s in the hospital.

7. 1963
Doctors Hardy and Brewer work on a difficult case; Peggy tells Jessie about her difficult break-up with Dr. Hardy and Jessie confides in Peggy that she’s insecure about the age difference between herself and her younger husband, Phil Brewer.

8. 1979
As Lesley struggles to help Monica give birth at home, Monica blurts out that Rick is the father of her baby; Alan and Rick rush through a storm to try and save Monica and her son; Edward and Tracy fear for the worst.

9. 1980
Rick and Lesley are both hurting on the day of their divorce; Jennifer invites Laura and Scotty for a day of sailing with her and Luke; Dan is frustrated with Jessie’s continued refusal to marry him; Jeff wonders about his future with Anne.

10. 1980
Monica gets a blood test to try and prove that Alan is her baby’s father; Luke storms over to confront his boss, Frank Smith, for lying and leaves Bobbie and Ruby afraid for their futures, Amy tells Alan she’ll keep his secrets.

11. 1980
At the Fourth of July party, Scotty and Laura make plans for their first anniversary; Bobbie covers for Luke so he can search Frank Smith’s office for the black book; Monica wants Alan to admit he tried to kill her and Rick.

12. 1980
On the run from Frank Smith, Luke and Laura take time out to spend a romantic night together dancing in Wyndham’s Department store unaware that Hutch is there too.

13. 1981
Heather sneaks out of the sanitarium and prepares to kill Diana; Jeff is furious with Diana when she finally tells him that PJ is Steven Lars; Alan shows Susan the new love nest he’s bought for her.

14. 1981
Luke, Laura, and Robert make themselves comfortable on the island – until they discover that the Cassadines are directly underground; Tiffany is furious that Victor and Mikkos won’t allow her outside; Hutch and Rose grow closer; Jessie and Dan offer their support to Rick and Lesley.

15. 1981
As zero hour approaches, will Luke be able to crack the code for the weather machine and save Port Charles? Laura and Robert convince Victor to help their cause; Noah, Anne and Rose attend to those in need at Kelly’s Diner.

16. 1981
Luke and Laura arrive at the Whitakers’ farm for their honeymoon; Scotty continues to rage about Luke and Laura, much to Lee and Gail’s dismay; Robert is hesitant to commit to Tiffany.

17. 1983
Holly agrees to marry Robert so she won’t be deported; Luke recovers from surgery; Susan is outraged when she discovers Scotty’s interference with baby Jason’s investments; Blackie finds a place to hide Lou.

18. 1983
Luke and Holly have a confrontation when he returns to Port Charles and learns she’s now married to Robert; Blackie and Lou are relieved when Rose is legally named as Lou’s guardian.

19. 1986
Frisco serenades Felicia as they’re married at the brownstone; Sean arranges a special wedding night for the newlyweds; Alan tries to catch Sean and Monica having an affair; Anna is intrigued by Port Charles newcomer, Duke Lavery.

20. 1991
Robert and Anna’s desire to exact revenge upon each other turns passionate; Frisco is amused when he has to set Robert free from Anna’s trap; the protest against the ELQ ship goes awry; Robert is shocked to discover the man he’s just rescued is his brother.

If I put many more on here in this post it is really going to make it drag when trying to load so I have started another page for them, so for
#21 and up please go here to watch


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