Hear us roar!

Posted on: March 26, 2013

To continue from yesterday’s task I don’t know about you but my blood is still boiling! So here is the plan,
GH really listens to their comment line. This means that we the fans need to make sure that they are hearing
all our voices loud and strong.

The message you leave is up to you but we wanted to provide you with
a few things to think about before you make that call:
1. It is reported that PP asked to use Kristen for 1 week and Michael for 4 weeks before they returned to GH. This does not seem unreasonable and yet was denied.

2. Disney owns ABC and is set to profit if OLTL does well. Why would they do anything to jeopardize OLTL? Having the genre grow/maintain is important for the rest of the shows as the future of the genre is precarious.

3. The concept of taking actors that have been consistently playing a character for a while and immediately
turning them into different characters is extremely odd. No matter whether you’re a GH or OLTL fan
you must admit this is strange even for a soap. Picture for a moment that Erika Slezak is all of a sudden
no longer Vicki but instead a new character named Eleanor (and not just another personality)
or take GH’s Tony Geary and have him stop playing Luke and instead is now a character named Jeff.
It just does not make sense. How does this help PP? How does this make ABC look good and help GH?
Ok- now that you’ve had time to think please pick up the phone and call the numbers below and tell them how you feel!
Remember these are 30 second voice mail messages so you are not talking to a live person, and if you are long winded like I am,
simply hang up and call back to finish your thought/rant!

General Hospital comment line: 323-671-4583
ABC Hotline: 818-460-7477, press 1, then 2, then 3, then 464


8 Responses to "Hear us roar!"

abc,u really screwed up everything @ gh

I am right there with you.


this is insane – why can’t they just agree the actors/characters can work on both shows – crossovers have been done many times

thats so stupid why would these actors even want to go along with that to begin with, gh will loose viewers. they should just come back to oltl till their contracts are up. then go back if their that desperate to go back then see how it flies. It still won’t

Personally I do not think that the actors WANT to do it this way, I find it hard to believe that Michael or Kristen would say no to going for the short amount of time they were requesting,
5 weeks for Michael and one week for Kristen. This is ABC trying to stand in the way of what they know is going to be a huge success, thus making them look even more foolish for cancelling them in the first place. Technically ME was the only one to have publicly signed on with OLTL online,KA wanted to move to LA but agreed to “visit” and RH was in talks, to soon be announced when funding fell thru and they “suspended” production. I personally would love to see them come home to OLTL, even if it is just for a little bit, to help draw in viewers, to pay respects to the show that made us love them, etc. For ABC to stand in their way is just proving to the masses just what kind of snakes in the grass they are! I have to say I have no interest in watching them play different characters other than John, Todd and Starr so I agree it will not go over well on GH at all.

I can’t believe you would compromise the surge of excitement the the Llandview Three brought to GH. I only started watching GH because of their relocation to Port Charles.
I do hope you reconsider this decision. It’s just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Rusty, please copy your letter above and go to your email account and send it to the contacts I have listed in todays task. ABC does not see what is posted here, this is my blog 🙂

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