Day 2 of taping :)

Posted on: March 19, 2013

What a great day yesterday way, OLTL back into production, Kassie and Melissa sharing photos with us thru Paos Revolution’s website
(Thanks to Melissa Archer for posting the pic below and others on Paos Revolution go check out the rest of them!! Kassies are
great too! While you are there check out the poll, I mean REALLY check it out!!!
melissa_kassie paos

Yesterday it also that Martin Harvey has been cast in the role of Yuri on All My Children!
when I find a twitter account for him I will let you know!

Then new Hulu Pages for AMC and OLTL are up, you are not able to watch the shows yet, but I would like for
everyone to go there and like the pages, the like button is  on the right hand side of the page

Now a few easy tweets thanking those that shared pics with Paos and telling others we
would love to see them there as well:)
remember a lot of our members are not on twitter, actors sharing on Paos allows them to see
them easily as well 🙂

easy tweet to Melissa

easy tweet thanking Kassie for sharing with us!!

Robin Strasser –

Sean Ringold –

Shenaz Treasury –

Tuc Watkins –

Hillary B Smith –

Andrew Trischitta –

Patrick J. Gibbons Jr. –

Laura Harrier –

Kelley Missal –

Corbin Bleu –


9 Responses to "Day 2 of taping :)"

The links for the hulu both go to All My Children!!

they have since been fixed hun thx, not sure why they were doing that

Hulu is not available for Canadians so I will not “Like” it

they are trying to work that out hun, until then, try

Thank you for that bright spot in my day. I pray to the Soap Gods that Hulu gets it worked out.

One of my Twitter followers is from Canada; I have no idea if this works or anything about it but he sent me this link and said it works in Canada: Hope it works!

Hey Shannon I checked out that website and it does work but costs 6.55 per month. Thanks for the info

just so you know PP is also trying to work out being able to watch if you live in Canada, I am trying to find out if we can help move it along 🙂

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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