A woman of her word

Posted on: March 14, 2013

For those of you who are new to the page what I am about to say wont make much sense but you should watch anyway LOL. For the rest of you, do you remember when our fabulous founder (one of them anyway) Paige came on the page and said if we got AMC back she would eat a shoe and put it on youtube, Well, AMC is back and she is a woman of her word, so without further ado here is the video!! Thank you Paige!!


2 Responses to "A woman of her word"

Well it may be back on the air but I do not see it making it pass a month. why? Because it has been off so long people said the hack with it and they do not have the last crew that played the parts any more. I myself would love to be a charter on all my children. Is a nice show and I watched til they took it off the air. I do not see it lasting a month maybe 2.

if people said the heck with it it would not be coming back!! They have a good chunk of the vets that made the show great and as time goes by more will be returning,
the new ones are doing a great job according to the vets so I do not believe what you say! If I believed as you do we would have never gotten them back, give them achance please before you pass judgement 🙂 have a great weekend

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