Raising Star ratings for OLTL :)

Posted on: March 12, 2013

Good Morning guys.
Today we have a very simple task,  we are going to make sure
we like ALL of the cast of OLTL including Director and Writers
IMDB pages, the like button is located on right side of the page about half way down

Happy Clicking!! :)

One Life To Live
they don’t have a new page yet, will let you know when they do!

Jennifer Pepperman

Agnes Nixon
Thom Racina


Kassie Wesley DePaiva

Melissa Archer

Erika Slezak

Robert S. Woods

Robin Strasser

Jerry Ver Dorn

Hillary B. Smith

Florencia Lozano

Kelley Missal

Tuc Watkins

Sean Ringgold

Roger Howarth

Andrew Trischitta

Josh Kelly

Shenaz Treasury

Nick Choksi

Patrick Gibbons Jr.

Robert Gorrie

Laura Harrier


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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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