Shhhh, it’s another Surprise party, OLTL this time :) :)

Posted on: March 6, 2013

Ok, I know many of you, as do I wish we could be in CT for the first day of taping for #OLTL
on Monday the 18th. While many of us are geographically or monetarily challenged
we are not going to let that stop us! Everyone grab some paper and markers!

We are going to make signs saying  Welcome Home We missed you!!
and then take pics holding them and send them via twitter at a time to be disclosed
on the 18th. We will be using the hashtag #OLTL @onelifetolive @toln  to tweet them.
if you are not creative just send me the pic you wish to use and i will make a little sign on it for you

Do not fret if twitter is not for you, when the time comes I will tweet out each photo that is put in
our album individually as well as the album to each of the actors 🙂 Just SEND ME THE PIC!!

We had a decent amount of pictures for AMC but I was thinking if I would have put it out
sooner we could have gotten more so here is me telling you sooner LOL

We got great responses from the some of the cast, I posted their responses in last weeks task.

Thank you to all those that did pics for AMC, hope to have a good turn out for OLTL too 🙂

here are the links to each of the albums for you to check out!! still accepting for AMC as well



since we now have a start date I will be putting these pics out on that day as well so send me pics for both!!!!!


4 Responses to "Shhhh, it’s another Surprise party, OLTL this time :) :)"


Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunes hun. Are you able to participate in our event?

Hi! I do not have Twitter, but have tried hard to help with our soaps! I am so exited! I sent you a pic, hoping to be included. Thank you so much! For everything. Shawna

Sent from my Verizon Wireless Smartphone

where did you send it to hun? dont want to leave anyone out

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