We are having A Surprise Party! shhhh….

Posted on: February 22, 2013

Ok, I know many of you, as do I wish we could have been in CT for the first day of taping for #AMC
and for OLTL’s on the 18th. And then again on the 29th of April , their first day back on air!!
While many of us are geographically or monetarily challenged
we are not going to let that stop us! Twitter peeps that know how to post pics to twitter, grab some paper and markers!
And for those who have not yet signed up, or just don’t know how to post pics, grab some too!

We are going to make signs saying  Welcome Home We missed you!!
and then take pics holding them and send them via twitter at a time to be disclosed
Sunday. We will be using the hashtag #AMC @allmychildren @toln  to tweet them. Do not fret if twitter is not for you,
Simply send me your pic to messages on my soap page
to to my personal fb messages.
(if you have no camera to take a pic with you can just send me a pic of you and i will make it into a sign
and I will tweet them for you.

Feel free to share with other groups  I would like for everyone to do them so I can put them in an album and
send them out on April 29th for their start date!!

So come on guys, time to get those creative juices flowing and get to making those signs

to kick us off LOL

welcome from me


19 Responses to "We are having A Surprise Party! shhhh…."

We fought hard and we won! Welcome back AMC.
Your fan,
Judi Vreeland

are you able to make a sign picture and post it to our fb page?
so we can do a flash mob twitter style?


are you able to make a sign picture and post it to our fb page?
so we can do a flash mob twitter style?

missed AMC so much,was like family,watched it since it first started,felt like a love one died when they took it off (still will have nothing to do with ABC)Welcome back,we have sure missed you.

are you able to make a sign picture and post it to our fb page?
so we can do a flash mob twitter style?

I don’t TWEET. But, I did fight with the best of them. Letter’s with soap, letters and calls to sponsor’s and Disney. Only regret was I couldn’t get up to picket in L.A. I am sooo excited! Welcome Home All My Children & One Life To Live!!!

Do we also congratulate OLTL at the same time or only AMC?

This is only for AMC, please dont post it to twitter yet, i will be releasing a time on monday, and if you could please
post your holding the sign pic to our facebook page, i am going to be making an album to send to the actors on Tuesday

Will there be this same “event” for OLTL too?

yes ma’am, I love both shows and cast 🙂 theirs will be on the 11th

dont forget to send your amc pic to our fb page 🙂

I’m confused about the hashtag. Is it AMC@allmychildren or AMC@allmychildren @toln

the hash tag is #AMC the other two are who it is going to, I do not want these posted yet, i will announce the time on monday
would also like to have the pic put on my facebook page, creating an album to tweet to each of the actors on Tuesday.
will you be able to post it to my page as well?

#AMC doesn’t work for All My Children … It is for the AMC channel … thanks

we have been using #AMC since April 14th, 2011. are you doing a sign pic?
please make sure to not post it to twitter until I say go on Monday. and
will you please post it to our FB page. I will be sending them to the actors on

We are so happy that All My Children is back!

Me too!! OLTL too!! please join us in posting a pic of yourself holding a sign that says welcome home we missed you
on our FB page to be used in our flash mob twitter style at a specific time on Monday

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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