Let them know~!!!

Posted on: February 10, 2013

I am sure everyone has heard many different things regarding the OLTL actors/characters
that are on GH right now, the most consistent piece of  information being circulated is that
this is a huge mess!! There are many articles stating that the actors do not want to return,
yet there has been not one quote from them regarding this. Most of this we believe is coming from the assumption that
they would be making way less money working on the internet, or that it is beneath them in some way,
I find  both of those hard to believe with such legends such as Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak and Jerry VerDorn signing on.

When Prospect Park had to suspend the relaunch in Nov. of 2011 they never stopped trying,
they kept quietly working on getting funding and other things together to make this work
one of those things was allowing ABC to use the characters of John, Starr and Todd to keep
OLTL in peoples minds and to help boost ratings for GH, while nodding to Pine Valley occasionally
with the stipulation that once they got funding and were able to start production again
that the characters would revert back to Prospect Park and OLTL.

Many would leave you to believe that Prospect Park is forcing those actors to come back, I don’t believe that is true.
They have come out publicly stating that they are willing to share the characters, and ABC’s response was we keep the
actors and recast them as someone else because they are now under contract with us.
While we do not know exactly what is going on between these two companies we do know hard ball is being played,
and the actors are caught in the middle.

Many would now say that none of them were contracted to the relaunch of OLTL when it fell thru in Nov. 2011,
Yes Kristen had declined returning but was open to appear from time to time.
Then, in the case of others, let’s look at the cliffhanger set up by Ron and approved by PP. Think about it.
Who would they have needed to resolve matters, to pick up just where they’d left off. Remember also,
near the end of OLTL, in its final months, PP knew they were in trouble with getting adequate backing,
and settling issues with unions. After a time, news of signings were no longer coming our way,
as things were beginning to look increasingly ‘iffy.’ But the story they had set up clearly outlines there
were others they knew would be involved in the reboot.

With that in mind, over the weekend we found out how the comment line via ABC may be our best way to
get the message thru to the powers that be that we want them to let the OLTL actors that are contracted
to GH have a say in where they end up without feeling pressured or interference from ABC.
Every phone call to the comment line is reviewed and documented. They look for trends so lets give them a big one!
This is the way many actors/characters/story lines are axed/kept. So we need EVERY soap fan to call that comment line!!
Don’t worry about it only being 30 seconds, just block your number, start reading and when it stops recording simply remember where you left off and call right back and finish what you were saying. please make sure to hit both numbers 🙂

General Hospital comment line: 323-671-4583
ABC Hotline: 818-460-7477,  hit 1, then 2, then 3 then 464

And now for AMC and OLTL hour…enjoy 🙂

AMC 8/8/11

OLTL 10/6/11


2 Responses to "Let them know~!!!"

Did you write something we should read from ?

No I figured I would let people speak from the heart. Just make sure to let them know that we want them to let the OLTL actors have a say in where they end up without feeling pressured or interference from ABC. How you say it and the feelings you have in regards to how they are messing with OLTL once again is up to you 🙂

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