Be Fair!!

Posted on: February 3, 2013

Good Morning guys, I am not sure if you have seen the poll that I put out on Saturday asking people to vote on. There are a few things that are really disturbing about this poll. First of all, over the weekend we were informed that you were able to vote more than one time on the poll,
and now that has changed. Also the way they worded the choices just doesn’t seem very fair, it is like they really have no clue as to what is going on.
While we all have different views we fans at least get the two sides and the legal owners of the characters and the actors.
So today we are going to request that they do a little research, restart this poll, and give fairer choices.
You may copy and paste mine or use it as a guide, just remember to be polite and stick to the points 🙂

Dear Matt,

I am coming to you today in regards to the poll that you put up on Friday asking soap fans to pick sides, ABC or PP.
I for one am very upset over the way you are pitting soap fans against one another with the way your choices
are written. It is like you have no knowledge of what is going on with the characters and actors in question.

PP loaned those characters to GH, to use while they were working on getting the shows ready. They did not have to do that.
But they did and now seem to be getting crucified by media and soap fans alike all because they are ready for those characters to come home
so they can bring One Life to Live back into production.

One other concern I have is that you were able to vote more than one time on this poll up until Sunday, How do you know that
the same person/people were not sitting there voting over and over again. I would like to request that you do a little research and re-do this poll, with
options that are laid out fairly and make it so you can only vote one time.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration


Please send email to

send the easy tweet to @MattMitovich
and send another email thru this contact us page
In case they do not take this poll down and you have not voted (or if you are at work on another computer 😉
please click the link below and take 2 seconds to vote! thanks.
This weekend Jill Mitwell won DGA for the Between Heaven and Hell episodes on OLTL
here is an easy tweet congratulating her (she doesn’t have twitter but we want to do it anyway)
and here is part one and two of said episode 🙂
and now for our AMC & OLTL hour
AMC 8/1/11
OLTL 9/29/11

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