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Posted on: February 2, 2013

There is a poll out right now that is pitting ABC against PP in regards to the 3 OLTL characters still on GH.
This is America so we of course have freedom of thought and opinion.
However before people make PP into the ultimate villain I think it is important to point out a few things.

Now, none of us fans are privy to the conversations, contracts, or agreements
that have been made between the parties involved.

However, we do know this: Prospect Park licensed AMC and OLTL when ABC cancelled
them as they wanted to save the shows and the jobs of so many actors and crew.
Prospect Park did not make their initial goal launch date but then again how
many of us have succeeded at something this big on our first attempt?

Prospect Park then allowed GH to borrow characters from OLTL to both enable some
out-of-work actors have an income stream as well as keeping OLTL top-of-mind.
In no way can one believe that Prospect Park would give away these characters if they were
still working to bring the show back. Now that Prospect Park has done the hard work of getting
the investors and backing needed ABC once again wants to mess with OLTL.

They have lost the rights to the characters which shows that PP did indeed loan those and not gift those.
One would reasonably assume then that the spirit of the agreement would include the actors as well.

For those rumors that state that the rate for the actors is slightly less on AMC and OLTL than on GH
we have to remember that these are for 30 minute shows versus 1 hour shows and are believed to be
done with a 5 week on and 5 week off schedule. This means they will have the availability to do other
projects in conjunction with the soap opera that they would have otherwise not been afforded the opportunity.
This ultimately could result in a much larger yearly income.

It is almost humorous that after fans have been so anti-ABC for about 2 years they are all of a sudden on ABC’s side and PP is the villain.
Let’s take note that PP has made it clear, they would be willing to share the OLTL characters on GH, though legally they’re under no obligation to do so. ABC has made no such statement; they just keep referring to lawyers and legal battles.


39 Responses to "VIP..Very Important Poll"

Prospect Park, in my opinion, didn’t follow through when they said they would. Wouldn’t that be breach of contract or something? So let the three characters stay on General Hospital and use the OLTL actors as cross-overs on occasion. Actors cannot wait forever for a job that was promised to them within a month or so and it went much longer than that. And does anyone remember that at one point PP just said they couldn’t do it, period. No talks of at a later date.

Actually Gail, they did follow thru, they SUSPENDED production in Nov. they did not say they were done!
they had until Jan 13th, 2013, and got a few month extension in January because they had not given up, had been working
on investors and securing other things to get them up. We have always maintained that they would come back thru PP that is
why we have not given up! The actors were loaned to GH by PP so that they could have jobs until they were up and running, and
now they are needed. I think that they need to ask the actors what they want.

I agree helpsaveoursoaps. Has ANYONE asked these actors what they want? And we never gave up hope on seeing our actors again…..and we’re not going to now…..ABC needs to be honest with these people….its obvious what they’re concerned with is the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR…good work help………keep us informed & keep it right like you’ve always done…ty!!!!

You obviously missed the point of what the article was saying. PP had to shelve them the first time also they didn’t have to tell everyone they were working on getting deals from the unions, business deals can be made in secret

not sure who you are referring to hun πŸ™‚

Enrique was responding to Gail. His point is correct: PP HAD to suspend, and work away from constant scrutiny, in order to make the deals that needed to be made in order to launch the shows. They owe no explanation to fans, who should be grateful that the shows will be rebooted.

Sorry thanks LOL to many things running thru my head, I thought he was but wasn’t positive LOL. and yes he is correct πŸ™‚

Disney is in trouble financially. I believe this is obvious. Someone screwed up there. Now they are pulling this stuff? I’m sticking to my guns. Will watch GH and Ellen ONLY! I don’t even watch the news or anything else associated with Disney/ABC.

Great, please make sure to choose PP in the poll that is linked in this post πŸ™‚

I have always wanted OLTL to return with all their characters. Even though I watch General Hospital I have always believed these characters
belonged back home in LLandview with the rest of their family because that is what a soap is,a family. It was nice to see them this past year but they are not where they belong when they are on GH so please bring them back to OLTL. A visit to GH is ok but not as a permanent stay.

Please make sure to vote on the poll πŸ™‚

I Stand with PP! John, Starr and Todd belong to OLTL.

Great, please make sure to choose PP in the poll that is linked in this post

I am absolutely not on ABC’s side. This entire mess was caused by them and no one else. If they wanted to revamp the 2 shows they could have easily done so without all of the drama. They are a group of horrible stupid high paid idiots, not in tune with what the public wants.

Great, please make sure to choose PP in the poll that is linked in this post

I have absolutely NO sympathy toward ABC. They knew what they were getting into in the first place with they made deals with PP. I already chose PP in the poll.

ABSOLUTELY!! thank you πŸ™‚ pass it along to your fellow soap fans as well πŸ™‚

Well said helpsaveousoaps. This shows that OLTL should have never been canceled in the first place. Hopeful this chaos can end pretty very soon.

Again, the actors were supposed to WAIT, as well as the fans? It was Brian Frons, the screw up leader from Hades, as well as Disney, ABC, etc.. now we have the actors/characters in storylines on GH..smh

no one is saying they were supposed to wait! PP loaned those characters to GH so they could have work, they would not be on GH as OLTL characters if PP did not let them.
so they did not make them wait. If they want to go back to OLTL they should be allowed.

I’m beyond baffled as to why over 60% of voters are Team ABC.. They’re the ones who gave our beloved soaps the axe! PP was very generous in their loan of Oltl characters. They had a difficult time, initially, securing enough financial backing but they NEVER stopped trying! You know what that says to me? They (unlike ABC) CARE about the shows & the fans. So why are so many of you bashing them?! If ABC had had it their way all three soaps would’ve been cancelled. Many OLTL fans tuned into GH to see John/Starr/Todd. Many AMC fans did as well because well.. it was the only one left. GH has had great ratings because of that. Whereas the shows that took over the AMC/OLTL time slots are a joke and well.. a disaster. Now ABC thinks they can claim ownership of OLTL characters. Wrong! they made their feelings towards the soaps quite clear two years ago. Now let them flounder.

They fit in so well at GH, none of the actors want to be on OLTL 2.0 they have all uprooted their lives and moved to L.A. So I think what’s best is leave them on GH, with maybe a short stint here and their on OLTL. So I vote ABC.

Have you spoken to these actors Kyle? If not please do not presume to speak for them. I am sure they would not appreciate it.

I agree, there is simply no reason that ABC/GH should not and could not be willing to share these characters and actors with PP. It would be a win/win situation for everyone and it isn’t as if the actors would have to uproot their lives and move again. As helpsaveoursoaps said it’s filming for like 5 or 6 wks worth of shows and then they would have off time to do other things. I think this may be another situation of ABC being greedy. As someone said Disney is in trouble and they realize they have lost their cash cows.

I say the three stay on GH there are enough others and their stories to keep OlTL going without them. These three never got enough time anyway on OlTL!

The point is PP OWNS those characters, they want to share with GH, it is ABC who is once again killing OLTL. Michael was signed, Roger in talks so they wanted to continue on OLTL. Only Kristen at the time did not want to continue, she wanted to go to LA and explore other options. But then the deals were offered at GH.
If they wanted to move on I dont think they would have came to GH as OLTL characters, they would have came as others. When PP loaned those characters (actors) to GH it was with the intent that when they got OLTL back up and running they would revert back to PP. Now that time has come and ABC wants to throw a hissy fit.

If PP owns the characters as you say, I don’t see how they could be under contract at GH…and from what I understand, they are.

the characters are not under contract with GH the actors are. PP has said they would share them with GH but from what I understand abc is not ok with that.
if they do not compromise those 3 will be on Gh but not as Todd, Starr and John and they will be recast on OLTL which would be a mess!

Oh, ok…I see your point now, helpsaveoursoaps. You’re talking characters not actors. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Unbelievable … ABC has become a lousy network for sure as I’ve turned to other’s after they canceled AMC & OLTL! I’m in a major boycott on them and they can chew that! Jerks! Lets keep the prayers going up for help in regaining these actor’s back!

I am one of those rare fans who has watched One Life To Live from it’s very first episode back in 1968 when I was 14. (I’m 60, just to save you the math) I was a boy who loved history and I wondered, “How do you START a soap? After all, they’re always “the continuing story of.”.” So I thought I’d just watch the first episode JUST in case it caught on so I could say I had done it. What I hadn’t counted on was willy Agnes Nixon! She hooked me that first day! So, for 44 years I followed the Vicki and all the others of Llanview, all the while knowing they were fictional, but LOVING the way they made me forget that. The show was my friend through a lot of things in my life and it broke my heart when ABC went against our wishes and let it go. I vowed that I would never watch ABC again if One Life To Live ever left the air. And I haven’t either. And I won’t! I am forever grateful to Prospect Park for giving us the opportunity to have something back that we all love so much. ABC did a dishonerable thing in removing our soaps and did an even MORE dishonerable thing in replaceing them with such tripe! Once the two shows are successfully back on line, I MAY or MAY NOT watch something on ABC again. I haven’t decided. But ABC…..this most recent spiteful move on your part does NOT bode well for you! You would do well to TRY to remember the honorable and great network that you once were. And Prospect Park……thank you.

Beautifully said…..and so very true….thanx for saying it like we all wish we could have!!!!

I am not Team ABC. I am Team PP. BUT the problem is that GH (which I support even though it’s on ABC) now has them under contract. So now like everyone else is saying, it’s a huge mess. But I don’t blame GH. They gave us 3 (5 if you count Blair and Tea) characters back we thought we’d never see again. And they’re in major storylines, so I can understand fans wanting to see them stay on GH. Like I said, it’s just a mess.

It has the actors under contract, well Kristen for a long time, both ME and RH were short contracts I believe (not 3 years like KA’s)
Prospect Park allowed those characters to go there in good faith and to keep OLTL top of mind while they were working on getting them back up.
So this should be a no brainer….ask the actors where they want to be would be what I would have to say πŸ™‚ Let’s go team PP πŸ˜‰

Since the actors are playing characters from OLTL, the characters are the part of the whole package which PP bought (paid ABC) They have the rights to do as they please with the characters. ABC has no choice in the matter. However, ABC will argue that they have contracts with the actors. PP can continue the roles with other actors. However, then ABC would have to discontinue the actual charcters from OLTL. Then you’d have 3 actors with no characters to play. PP has every right to insist they come back to OLTL. Besides, I really liked all three characters much better on OLTL. I don’t even watch GH anymore.

Let’s not forget that PP came to our rescue when noone else would. I am getting my soaps back and for that I am grateful Prospect Park. As well as all AMC and OLTL fans should be!!!!!!!!

I voted for team PP

I can’t even bring myself to read all of these posts. I am so upset that so many of you want to risk destroying what we have worked and dreamed for to happen for the last couple of years over 3 charactors. These 3 charactors will have a home no matter what. But, if you keep up this non-sense lets estimate 30 charactors will not have a job and we will not have OLTL or AMC. In my opinon those making a big stink about 3 actors are the real enemy right now! AMC has a mere 5 people signed. Do you hear me complaining where is Susan Lucci? No, because I will take what I can get. Please vote for PP or you are as greedy as ABC!

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