Have you heard about Paos Revolution?

Posted on: January 29, 2013

We just keep getting more and more new members…. Welcome!
I would like to take a minute and ask if you have heard of Paos Revolution? (Paos=soap backwards)
They are at almost 1000 likes on FB, let’s try and get them over that today. If you have
already liked their FB page, signed up for updates on their website, watched the youtube video
and followed them on twitter please share this with your friends, family and other soap
pages (all soaps not just AMC & OLTL) and message boards you may belong to.
and then hit the easy tweets below 🙂

If you haven’t done all those things listed above please take a minute and complete
the things located below, make sure to hit the easy tweets too 🙂

And don’t forget to watch our episodes of AMC and OLTL as well!

Make sure you have liked Paos Revolution on Facebook at

Follow Paos Revolution on twitter at @paosrevolution

Sign up to receive updates by going to
NOTE: You need to confirm your registration by clicking on the link that is emailed to you after signing up.

Watch the teaser for ON AIR and sign up for Paos Revolution’s Youtube channel at

Please hit these 3 easy tweets helping to get Paos out to the people! Thanks
(says have you heard about @paosrevolution ?
they are flipping the script on soaps,check them out!

same thing for these two but with different soaps attached  🙂

@paosrevolution is almost to 1000 likes
let’s get them there! #AMC #OLTL #GH #AW #ATWT #GL #BB #YR #DOOL

Now please enjoy todays episode of AMC & OLTL 🙂

AMC 7/27/11

OLTL 9/26/11



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