Did you get it?

Posted on: January 28, 2013

Prospect Park recently sent out their press release out to those who signed up for updates on their website./
Did you receive an email from
If so you’re all set but please keep reading so you can help your soap loving friends.
If you didn’t receive it please check your spam email to make sure it didn’t land there.
If you still don’t see it do not panic. We were told that some early subscriber emails were accidentally lost.
Please go to and sign up one more time!

Now, we need to make sure that all AMC and OLTL fans are in the loop so please reach
out to your friends as well as any message board/FB group you belong to regarding AMC and/or OLTL.

Now enjoy our AMC & OLTL hour 🙂

AMC 7/26/11

OLTL  9/23/11


4 Responses to "Did you get it?"

I did! But I just deleted it from my inbox. All they sent me was the press release confirming the return of AMC and OLTL.

well hopefully that means you are all set 🙂

I have signed up[ several times and still nothing. I just redid it and rcvd the following message: form1365056.onPostSubmit({“submission”:94802519,”message”:””});

I think they have several bugs in their system and I cannot wait to get back to AMC and OLTL!!!

not sure what is going on with it today. yes they are working out bugs, just didnt want any one to be left out 🙂
maybe a lot of people are signing up today causing it to be all wonkey? 🙂

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