A beautiful day in the Soap World!

Posted on: January 8, 2013

As you all may know by now, Prospect Park came out with a press release regarding the reboot of our beloved shows!
(Didn’t see it, look 2 posts before this one)
So today I would like for you to send them this easy tweet thanking them for never giving up and pledging our continued support.
(TWEET SAYS @prospectpk Thank you 4 never giving up hope & bringing our shows back to us. #forevergrateful #yougotmysupport #AMC #OLTL #soapsstillmatter)
If you have not yet signed up for twitter please do so, most of our tasks/support will take place there as we can reach more
of the actors there.

We also need to all sign up for  even if you signed up last year please go and sign up again,
let’s show them a surge of support.

You may also write them an email Thanking them (let’s keep it to thank you’s at this time please) at

Our second part of the task for today will be to thank Jerry VerDorn for his continuous support in fighting to bring back our shows
as well as signing on to the reboot of OLTL! Buchanan in the house!!!
Jerry does not have twitter but he has Facebook,
If you do not have Jerry as a friend on Facebook please leave
your thank you’s in the Facebook comments and I will link it to him tonight.

and now for the entertainment portion of our day.
(ATTENTION those of you in other countries that are reading this, are you able to view both sets of the videos below? please let me know in the comments here or on the Fb page AMC is embedded and OLTL’s is not please let me know)

AMC 7/4/11 part 1-3

9/1/11 part 1-4


2 Responses to "A beautiful day in the Soap World!"

I am in Canada and can view them all. Youtube has never been a problem 🙂

I can view both videos and I am in Canada

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