Doubling as Debbi…for shame!

Posted on: January 6, 2013

I have a request to each of you who are reading this- if you do not yet have a twitter account please create one.
Twitter is very easy to sign up for and use.
Here is a video that will walk you thru the steps to sign up
and a few little helpful hints for how to use it.
If you still need help contact me or ask anyone on the page that uses twitter and they should be able to help.

With twitter as popular as it is just about everyone we contact is on there.
Sometimes twitter is the only way we can reach out so we need everyone to have a twitter account.

Unfortunately, someone hacked Debbi Morgan’s twitter account so she had to get a new one.
She would love to get all her followers back so we are going to try and help her.
This is the account that was hacked
She has 6,811 followers on that account so if you are one of them please un-follow.
Now go to her new one and follow her there
She only has 1,160 followers on there; we have to fix that!

We have an easy tweet for her today to welcome her back to AMC
I would also like for you to share this task with your other soap pages and friends
so we can get her back up to the number she had.

Now, for your enjoyment, we are going to start putting out the last 12 weeks or so of AMC and OLTL.
If you did not watch both previously PLEASE check the other one out. We are going to need every soap fan supporting
both of these great shows in order for them to prosper! We can’t have viewership compromised and put both shows in jeopardy.
I promise by the time you get from where we start today to their final episodes on ABC you will be hooked!!
So come on, let’s help one another out…enjoy!

(ATTENTION those of you in other countries that are reading this, are you able to view the videos below? please let me know in the comments here or on the Fb page)

July 1st, 2011 part 1- 3

8/31/11 part 1 -4


2 Responses to "Doubling as Debbi…for shame!"

I am in Toronto and I am able to view these videos

thank you, now i know that if Canadians are not able to view AMC and OLTL where they air them
I can make sure that you can see them 🙂

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