Posted on: January 3, 2013

WE DID ITTo the dedicated members of Save AMC and OLTL
We have a wonderful message to share with you, “We did it!”
Are you asking yourself what did WE exactly do?
Well besides illustrate that soaps definitely do matter we were instrumental in getting Prospect Park the deal they needed in order to bring AMC and OLTL back.
This deal is with…….HULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Months and months ago we told you that we had inside sources telling us that HULU was interested and the dedicated group on this page attacked these tasks with gusto. You commented, tweeted, posted, emailed, faxed, and called. It worked! We hit HULU hard and showed them that soap fans exist and we want our shows.
We hope this once again shows you that soap fans have power in numbers especially when we organize ourselves and task efficiently.
We (Kymba and FGM) spend hours and hours each day connecting with our contacts, brainstorming, and creating well thought out plans of attack as we wanted to help bring these shows back to all the fans that have been missing them and working so hard to bring them back. We will continue to bring you the latest information as we learn about it and are able to share. At times we are unable to share specific details but will continue to create tasks to aid our efforts based on our Intel. Stay tuned!
NOTE: We do not yet have specifics of the HULU deal as to whether they will also air on, if there will be a cost, etc. As we get this information we will share with you all right away!
Special thanks to Save One Life To Live  from Being Canceled and Fans On Fire for posting our tasks and standing with us.
You guys Rock!!! 🙂


38 Responses to "BREAKING NEWS…. WE DID IT!!! :)"

Any word on whether they will air on TV- cable as well?

we do not have those details yet, stay tuned 🙂

Yea!!!!!!!!!!! This is wonderful news!!!!!! I am so excited and I just can’t hide it, lol. Anxiously waiting for more information. Thanks everybody!!!!!!

I am so excited to get my soaps back whatever the cost.

It’s great that the soaps are back , but why not on tv , where everyone can enjoy them again ? I think that it is unfair for those who do not have access to a computer to miss out . Also what about us Canadias who can’t get HULU ?

as stated in the post we do not have all the details, we do not know if it is only on Hulu and nothing else. If they start online and are successful
I am sure they will find a place on tv as well. dont count anything out 🙂 we need to be thankful that someone has stepped up to help bring them back
if they hadn’t they would be sitting on a shelf

It’s amazing the fight that has gone on to save these soaps . I’m thankful for that . It’s good to know that a lot of people cared enough to do it until they were heard . I’m hoping that if it is a hit on the net that us who can’t get it there will get a catch up o all we missed , through updates on the news or by those who can get these shows . Thank you for answering .

indeed, great news, BUT what us fans north of the border ???

I have asked this question so many times hopefully you can answer 🙂 Do you get youtube up there? what about skype? are you able to get on the site?
All the details have not come out yet, Hulu is just one platform. Don’t count yourself out yet my friend

Thank you so much for all your hard work to try to get our soaps back. My days will be so much brighter!! WooHoo

Thanks to all who did this in saving our soaps .
I am offering to lend a hand in extending extra support .
This is by far the best bday gift a Soap Fan could ask for !
* Special Thanks Hulu *

Partywill32, we can use all the support we can get, feel free to share this post with other soap fans and stay tuned for additional details that will be surfacing. Happy Birthday 😉

Thanks for wishing me
Happy Bday.
I shared this post on Fb and Twitter.
I am going to do a support video on youtube
next week .
partywill32 / channel .
I am here for the duration .
Very excited for our Soaps !

Happy as a Lar!! Our prayers were answered. Doing cart wheels Hooooray!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all involved ❤

Yes we can, and we did. Power to the people.


There’s a workaround Hulu but it involves spending money. It’s called a VPN. Virtual Private Network and it’s subscription-based. There are VPN sites.

With a VPN, you can watch Hulu.

This is awesome. I really only watch my shows on Hulu now. I watch General Hospital and Days of our Lives on Hulu because I can watch them on my laptop or iPad. I am so happy to hear this.

Crapped on again…Canadians only matter when numbers are needed, but there is never any work toward making it available to us who have worked as hard helping in the fight.

the details are not all out yet, we need to take a minute and wait and see what happens. at this point no one has been counted out
stay tuned

SUCH amazing news, so excited! Just FYI to those of you asking about being able to watch on TV. We have a Roku box and with it comes something called PlayOn (Not sure if you can get Play On, on other devices such as Wii, Xbox, ect) But it’s a yearly cost ($30 I think) and you can stream Hulu and basically any other online shows that are offered through networks and websites to your TV!


no one has said that you will have to pay to watch them

Congratulations. You did it Kymba along with the rest of you who never gave up. I lost my beloved husband 6 months ago, so this will help me from being so depressed. This is wonderful news. Thanks Prospect Park and Hulu. You have restored my faith in caring for all of us soap fans when no one else did. I know this will be a successful venture.

Thank you Mary, my condolences on the loss of your husband, these comments are private until I approve them so if you need a shoulder you know where to find me 🙂
Glad to be a part of something that will ease your grief. hugs to you my friend

This is just a rumor. No soap press outlets are reporting this. Why bother reporting this as fact instead of saying this is speculation?

This is not speculation; it is privileged intel. Speculation would be us theorizing what would make sense given this situation. That’s not what we are doing. We are relaying what our unnamed sources that are close to the situation are telling us. Instead of taking this information to an editor we disclosed it directly to the fans. We have worked with editors in the past on information. Sorry that this approach doesn’t suite you. We expect that this will make its way to mainstream media soon which will then give you the validation that you seek.

I don’t think we can watch Hulu in Canada!

It has not been said that Hulu is the only place it will be streaming, so don’t panic 🙂
Have you tried registering for ? that is the site for PP
which the shows will probably stream as well. the details are not out yet but as we get them we will share.
Can you get on youtube? Read the comments in this post, there is one talking about something that can bypass
hulu, check it out and see if that is something you in Canada can so so I can share if it is 🙂

Does this mean AMC will continue on?? I pray so 🙂


Thank you so much for all your hard work! This is such a fantastic way to start 2013. I still can’t believe how much I miss OLTL. It just shows how totally wrong ABC was to cancel our stories. It’s a wonderful thing. Happy New Year to everyone

We at Fans on Fire are THRILLED to have been a part of all this!!!

if i understand this correctly…oltl and amc are back?

yes they are coming back….details still to come 🙂

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