Let’s Get this Soap Year Started!!

Posted on: January 1, 2013


Welcome back everyone!
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that you’re ready to help keep soaps top of mind in 2013.
We have been talking behind the scenes on how to best ensure that AMC and OLTL indeed return this year and stay there.

Here is our overall plan:

1. We need to celebrate each actor that comes out signing on the reboot and nicely encourage the other actors to consider it should they receive an offer. This shows the acting community that soap fans are loyal and staying in this genre is a great decision.
2. As we get details about the shows return we need to get the word out. We are hearing a lot that we can’t share yet but public details will be emerging over the next month or so. This information is going to need to go out further than just the Facebook groups as we need as many AMC and OLTL fans ready to support the reboot.
3. Once these shows are available we need to make every attempt to watch both of these shows. Mostly likely they will either both continue or both cease to exist. Thus we need to band together and see them succeed. If you truly are not a fan of one you could at least allow it play on your computer while you do something else. We truly need the hits to these shows to be very high. It’ll send a message to advertisers and to networks. This helps not only AMC and OLTL but the remaining networks shows and perhaps other soaps that have left network television.
4. Get Daytime Emmy recognition and attention. Just because our shows are going online does not mean we don’t’ want them to get Daytime Emmy opportunities.

Of course as things happen we will tweak our plan to keep our plan relevant and helpful.

Today we will send messages thanking Vincent Irizarry for joining the AMC reboot and for publicly announcing the great news.

you can either use the easy tweet provided,
(@VincentIrizarry thank you 4 letting it b known UR joining
the reboot of #AMC can’t wait to see Dr. David in action again #soapsstillmatter)

Or do one of your own. 🙂 You can also comment on his FB page



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