Stay safe

Posted on: October 30, 2012

Many of the members of this page are either directly
or indirectly being impacted by the storm in the Northeast.
Thus we are suspending hard-hitting tasks this week.
We will post soap related information if we get any news and may
post a few simple tasks for those available but they are definitely
NOT critical. Please stay safe and be there for family and friends that may need you.

We thought that today we’d open the floor for anyone to post thoughts
(soap or storm related) or any questions you may have.
We just ask that there not be any mean-spirited posts but otherwise
the floor is yours and we will do our best to answer the questions posted.
(would like for you to do it on the FB page but will check here too :))
Providing I don’t lose power

Thank you everyone again for your dedication to this page
and we wish you and your loved ones well during this natural disaster.


1 Response to "Stay safe"

My prayers go out to everyone affected by Sandy!!!!
Stay Safe:)

Soap fan from the midwest.

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