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Posted on: September 5, 2011

Hello everyone.  As you all know there is a lot of behind the scenes activities that go into creating the tasks and fighting for our soaps and their actors.  Part of this work includes speaking and having email dialog with actors’ agents and managers.  During recent discussions it was brought to our attention that there has been some false information being circulated by another FB group.  We wanted to set the record straight as we have gotten the facts straight from Michael E Knight’s and J.R. Martinez’s managers.

1.      Michael E. Knight was NEVER offered a spot on DWTS so the posting that said he turned down the offer is completely false.  As his manager stated to us- no offer was made so there was nothing to turn down.

2.      J.R. Matinez has NEVER spoken to a FB Group about understanding them not watching DWTS and boycotting the show and ABC.  He definitely wants support from the fans, especially by them voting.

When groups post that they are in communication with or speaking with an actor and it is not true it creates a bad situation for the actor.  There are many editors and other entities trolling FB and comments like that can hurt a career very quickly.  Both of these managers when in communication with us were saddened to hear that someone would claim these statements when there is not a grain of truth to them.  We urge you to be careful of what you read as much may not be true.  Please be assured that we will only post facts on this FB page and really refrain from statements that would give these beloved actors any bad publicity or hurt their future negotiations.


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