Posted on: July 10, 2011

ATTENTION YA’LL I want you all to know that we should NOT try to kill this deal for now.  The rumor mill is working overtime and people are saying they’re talking to this person or that and the truth is that nobody knows much yet- not the actors, crew, unions, etc.  Everyone is now scrambling and asking questions.  We need to hit the pause button and collect facts and then move forward as a unified team. here are things that i know to be fact!  
1.  I’ve talked to an actor from AMC and the actors, crew, lawyers, and agents know nothing yet.
2.  Actors are asking us to go into a holding pattern until the dust can settle some and they can relay back to us what’s what and how they’d like our help.
3.  Disney is a corporation.  It does things to bring in a profit.  It is no different than the other big corporations out there.  Yes there is dirt that can be dug up but the same can be said of any of the others if you go digging.
4.  If we try to kill this deal now before knowing everything we could LOSE it completely.  Be careful of what you fight.
5.  There are options to Prospect Park to make this accessible to a broader audience- we have to take a moment and then help in this avenue.

so please take a moment to relax and let me gather what i can, until then make sure to do the weekend task 🙂


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