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Posted on: May 9, 2011

Brian Frons says women don’t need the escapism soap operas offer

* May 9th, 2011 8:10 am ET

By Mary Montanari
Soap Opera Examiner

In an LA Times article published today about Oprah’s upcoming exit as the ultimate daytime talk show queen which focused largely on who could fill Oprah Winfrey’s stilettos took some time to explore what’s happening in the soaps industry by mentioning the cancellation of ‘All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” As you all know, the two iconic sudsers are being replaced with a cooking and a weight loss transformation reality show because according to Brian Frons, the chief of daytime programming for the ABC/Disney group, women are craving information as opposed to escapism.

Since there is nothing quite like starting your day with some wisdom from Brian Frons, here is what he had to say about what women want to see on daytime television.

“Women no longer feel that they need to have an escape in their daytime television, “They are looking for information so they can take an active role in changing their lives. It’s a huge difference from what we’ve seen before.”

Translation: Women need to change their lives taking an active role in improving themselves. Guys…not so much.

With the offering of the cooking and reality shows scheduled to replace AMC and OLTL, apparently Frons is convinced women want to see new recipes, learn how to take charge in the kitchen and then be armed with the smarts to figure out how to shed a few pounds with the help of his transforming weight loss show.
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How many of you will be rushing home to grab a new recipe from the cooking show and then invest your time in collecting weight loss tips for your food journals? It’s all too ludicrous for words.

And for the record, if Katie Couric does manage to launch her own talk show on the ABC Disney Network, perhaps Brian Frons will finally have some respect for the women he is desperately seeking to change. We all know however, that Katie Couric can’t fill Oprah Winfrey’s shoes, ‘The Chew” can’t ever replace Susan Lucci and “The Revolution” will never be an adequate substitution for the antics of our beloved Robin Strasser.

I suppose for now, we will all have to live with the fact that Mr. Frons believes women who watch the soaps are one desperate lot, but, when the ratings books are issued after the launch of his informational and life altering shows, I have a hunch he will regret not listening to us.

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