We had a feeling that once we finally announced our summer plan
that something would happen…..and we were right!
Luken Communications is putting classic episodes of the old soap opera “The Doctors” on Retro TV.
Matthew Golden, Luken’s Vice President of Production, said
“The Doctors is one of the greatest examples of the soap opera format in its prime, loved by critics and audiences alike.
We’re thrilled to return this classic series to the air, and bring its exciting, engaging storylines back to our audience’s daily lives.”

Let’s all email him and let him know that we would love to see him bring
vintage episodes of AMC and OLTL to Retro TV as well.
Whether you personally would watch these episodes and/or currently get
the Retro TV station we could really use this to keep the shows top of mind and
show ABC how strong of a fanbase still exists.


It is summer which means many of us are busy with children and grandchildren.
Add in the fact that the PP/ABC lawsuit won’t be back in court until August 20th
and it is time to ease up a bit on tasking.
Right now the most important thing we can do is simple tasks to stay top of mind with ABC.
We will do this by mainly completing feedback forms and calling feedback lines.
We of course are continuing to monitor the situation and if an opportunity
or need arises that we can task we will be posting.
Please stay tuned to our page for updates.
We will also share some fun videos throughout summer to keep you amused.
For starters let’s celebrate summer with this video:

Now that you have a good reminder of how good AMC and OLTL were during the summer
lets fill out the GH feedback form and call GH’s feedback line and let them know how much
we miss being able to watch AMC and OLTL.

General Hospital comment form
General Hospital comment line:

Good morning guys :) (Wednesday)
Today we have an easy tweet kind of day.
As most of you know Ilene Kristen has been
on General Hospital 2 days this week and 2 last week.
Personally I love her on there! (Anywhere actually lol)
So today I would like for all those that tweet to send the
tweet below. If you are not on twitter please find a
friend that does and have them do it!! Thanks

Posting early for Wednesday :)

Good morning everyone :) With The 4th just 2 days away today will be the last
day of tasking for the week :) Just make sure at some point between now and Sunday
night you do the two below. And have a wonderful 4th of July, stay safe and enjoy!

 An “insider” has come out saying that NATAS isn’t to blame for the Red Carpet debacle.
While we still feel that NATAS is ultimately responsible it does appear that
MWW and HERE TV/HERE Media also has some responsibility in this fiasco.

We definitely want to let them know how we feel about the incident in case they
are ever involved in a soap related project again in the future.
The article that references their involvement is:
Please send emails to:,
Please send your comment thru this comment form as well

Over the weekend I saw that the Daytime Emmy page/ NATAS  were sharing links to
Michael Fairmans Red Carpet Interviews, so our task for the day is an easy one,
go to each of the pages linked below, and simply comment on the posts with Michael
Fairman interviewing on the Red Carpet. We want to say “THIS is how Red Carpet interviews
should be, so please for next year bring in knowledgeable hosts such as Michael, Dan Kroll,” ETC.

For extra points (LOL) you can follow the interview links, and give them a view and a like :)

Daytime Emmys page

Ilene Kristen (Roxy/Deliah) will be gracing us with a couple of appearances on GH starting
today!! So please DVR it and “watch” even if you do not normally! We need her numbers to be
off the charts!! I will posts the other dates tomorrow :)

Good morning guys, we are going to wrap the tasks a day early this week
as at the moment there really isn’t much to do. So for today, and through
the weekend I would like for everyone to make sure they have hit each task
at least once. If you have already done them and feel you have more to say
fell free to do them again. I will post this weeks task below with links to
each. (they are links to the blog so they are safe :) )

Our tasks for today are quite simple, go to
and run your cursor along the time line to 2:40:10, this is where the
segment for Best Directing starts, watch it thru to the end of the #OLTL
acceptance speech please.
(little funny, did anyone else notice that when Mario Lopez was accepting
the award for Katie Couric (UGG) there was boo’ing, and that it sounded
like Kathy Griffen was leading them, and when the camera panned her way
she was flipping the bird x2? (watch that at 2:35) I have to admit that was my favorite
scene of hers LOL) I thought to myself, my sentiments exactly!!












Next for all those that are still hating the red carpet, I found a video
titled What REALLY Happened at the Daytime Emmys, done by
none other than one of the hosts. Feel free to leave respectful
comments on the video.

There is one part at 3:06:00 where she actually has a fan girl moment not shown in the
original Red Carpet video. She gets to meet Finola Hughs (Anna GH) and she actually knew
who she was!! LOL

And here are the links to

For those of you who suffered through the Red Carpet on  Sunday night
we wanted to give you an opportunity to speak out directly to the hosts
that made this a train wreck. (The 2 who were the worst and are on twitter)

These hosts did not do their homework on the genre and it’s actors.
Add in that they said inappropriate things to the actors walking the red
carpet and they should be scolded.

We have created easy tweet shells that you can easily add your message to share with them.
Feel free to tweet as many messages as you’d like.


Brittany Furlan, 

Jessica Harlow


All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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