There are three people responsible for negotiating Network/Affiliate agreements for the ABC stations;
managing Station Relations team to ensure top quality client service; working closely with
Sales, Research, Operations, and Digital teams to ensure all client/network goals are met; and act as department liaisons with ABC News.

We want to have as many fans reach out to them over the next 3 days to make sure they realize how strong the fanbase for soap operas is. We need to reiterate that we have decreased our viewing habits of our local ABC affiliate due to the decrease of soaps in daytime. This has impacted our viewing habits of more than just daytime programing- it has changed our viewing habits of news and primetime as well. We the fans are aware of the impact that affiliates have felt due to the changes. Let’s remind these three that The Revolution, Good Afternoon America, and Katie have all FAILED. Removing AMC and OLTL from the lineup has hurt affiliates. We the fans are ready to recommit to ABC once an emphasis is put back on a soapy daytime. We want to ensure that GH stays in the lineup and gain a commitment that once ABC has the rights to AMC and OLTL back the shows will be put back on the daytime lineup.

So, between now and Friday we ask that you email each of the three people below. You can either email each person separately or jointly. If you know the email address of your local affiliate please feel free to cc them on the emails. Feel free to send one a day if you’d like. The important thing is that you send at least one email by end of day Friday. Friday night we will post special fax numbers and phone numbers that you can use to send faxes and leave messages regarding the upcoming meeting. We don’t want to disrupt daily work so that is why we will task that after hours and on weekends. Next week we have more affiliate related contacts. Between now and the affiliate meeting the players will hear from fans loud and clear- we want our SOAPS!
Susi D’Ambra-Coplan Vice President, Northeast Region
Kathleen Von der Ahe Vice President – Western Region
Ben DeVita Vice President – Southeast Region

Email TO:;;

In one month a very important meeting is taking place- the ABC Affiliate Meeting.
Besides the soap fans the other group that is upset and still feeling the effects of the cancellations are the affiliates.
Now is the time for them to voice their opinions as Ben Sherwood will be there hearing everything that is said.
He will be formulating opinions for the future of daytime.
We have a whole new set of contacts- the precise contacts we need to voice concern and we will start working on them today. Please make sure to voice your opinion and hopes for the future. This includes voicing desire for GH to stay on the lineup. During the week we will have email campaigns to key affiliate players and on weekends we will have fax numbers along with phone numbers for us to leave messages. We are about to launch a month long campaign to ensure that the future of the soaps and their dedicated fanbase is a hot topic at this meeting!

For today we are going to contact John Rouse, As senior vice president of Affiliate Relations, John Rouse oversees all affiliate relations activities and departments for ABC, including station relations, affiliate marketing, affiliate operations and affiliate research and development. In order to maximize the distribution of ABC, he negotiates affiliation agreements as well as collaborative programming, promotional, operational and digital initiatives with the 230 ABC affiliated and owned stations throughout the United States.
Today we are going to reach out to John and let him know how much we love soapy daytime programing and that we want to ensure that GH is on ABC’s various affiliates for years to come and that we want AMC and OLTL back in the lineup as soon as ABC regains the rights to the shows. Let’s let him know that when ABC was a fully soapy daytime we watched the channel all day long including the local affiliate news. But the current lineup has us checking out other stations for programming. Urge John to add this situation to the agenda for the affiliates meeting next month.
Email TO:

The powers that be have been sending fans some positive messages through GH lately. From mentioning other fictitious towns such as Corinth to having a shot of the DVD Hold the diploma it is all signs that they are hearing fans loud and clear. Let’s comment on the GH Comment Line and feedback form and thank them for the references and say that we hope this means AMC and OLTL will be back in the lineup once possible!

First some good news,
I would have to say that you guys hit yesterdays tasks with a vengeance,
even the phone calls because when I made my last call to Anne last night she was not a happy camper!!
Thank you to all who joined us yesterday,
I sincerely hope that you all stick around as we need every voice we can get for upcoming tasks!
Now for some really cool news, today on GH, on Maxi’s mantel they showed a dvd of Hold The Diploma!!
(For those that are not familiar with this dvd, this was the movie that Ric made and it switched with Davids movie!! )
I am taking this as a positive sign that they showed this yesterday of all days!!
So we are going to send an easy tweet thanking Frank & GH

And now for something to fire you up!
Recently there was an article written in Variety Magazine that suggested
that having the focus of the Daytime Emmy Awards Show be on the soap genre is the reason for audience apathy.
This is not true! How many friends/family have ever told you that they were tuning in to see if Sesame Street or the Today Show wins?
We need to inform them that we watch for the soaps.
In recent years it has been harder to find out when/where it’d be
broadcast and at times it has felt like a Las Vegas commercial or a thrown together mess.
We miss the montages and the clips throughout the show.
We want more soapiness, not less.
Leave your message at

Three years ago we fans were devastated by ABC/Disney’s announcement that they had cancelled AMC and OLTL.
From that moment the unity and devotion of the soap fans was strongly felt.
Our inside information tells us that Disney expected and prepared for fan uproar to
happen and exist until the shows actually went off the air.

The fact that the fan support for the shows didn’t wane upon the shows going black made ABC reconsider.
Unfortunately by this point Disney had made a deal with Prospect Park.
ABC tried to get the rights back but PP refused.
This is where things got ugly between ABC and PP.
Now here we are 3 years later. An ugly lawsuit is playing out.

The silver lining is that at the end of the day ABC WILL get the rights back and there is interest in resurrecting them.
But, the reason for them reconsidering was the outpouring of fan support.
So, if you love these shows then now is the time to act!
Today we are going to remind ABC/Disney how much we love and miss AMC and OLTL and that we want them back!

How to help:
1. Want to reach Bob Iger? You can call his assistant Stephanie Volts at 818-560-8701 and/or email him at
2. How about Anne Sweeney at 818 460-7700 and/or
3. Finally, let’s reach out to Ben Sherwood at 212.456.6200 and/or
4. Twitter users please send these Easy Tweets:

Please comment which tasks you did and if you called and reached someone please post what they said.
Come on- power of the fans!!!!
Don’t forget to change your profile pic to blue today!!


Everyone that’s been tasking please pat yourself on the back! We’ve been reaching out to Ben Sherwood from many angles- emails, tweets, and voicemails. This weekend we will be adding another angle- faxes. We are doing this all weekend so that we don’t disturb their workday but instead send a strong message Monday morning. You can send a free fax from your computer using one or more of these sites:
So, write a message for Ben sharing your opinions on keeping GH on the daytime lineup and your desire for AMC and OLTL to be added back in once the rights are back with ABC. Send another fax about how much the soaps mean to you. So please take a few minutes and send a fax to Ben Sherwood’s attention at 212-456-1424

Also Since we did not get an overwhelming number of messages for Ben’s card we are going to postpone sending it out today and continue collecting messages for him. I was hoping to have it show up there Monday for the anniversary of that awful day. Remember we are using one of those giant cards and Facebook font is tiny so we need lots of messages to fill up this card and make a statement. If you have already written a message have a friend, family member or Facebook friends to write one as well. Heck you can offer to write it for them just have them post it below. They do not even have to like the page to post so it couldn’t be easier. If you haven’t left one yet please do so, even something as simple as just congrats on the job will work. Love for the shows (all 3) is welcome as well. So come one guys, let’s fill up this card inside and out!

Good morning guys, today we have an easy task.
We are going to send this article to Ben and Anne,
with messages of desire to have our shows back once they get the rights back.
Email to:,

and also send out this easy tweet

and if you haven’t, please retweet this


All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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